Saturday, November 07, 2009


This is the church

And this is the steeple

Open the doors

And there’s all the people …

… who keep making more people for the church down the road, and the one further down the road of years until that road runs into the road of inevitability coming the other way like the meeting of the Union and Central Pacific completing the first transcontinental railroad, except in this case all the people keep on growing like a pileup of cars in this train wreck of a world plan to just keep on feeding the result of careless breeding with the pope on the sidelines cheer leading, his “abstinence only” yells they aren’t heeding as minorities feel needing to catch up by speeding the irresistible seeding.

We have a Pope-ulation problem!

Overpopulation - John Pitre


Cinnamon said...

love this prose-poem!

Although I was brought up RC, I never did see the sense in the Pope's proclamations on contraception. Except, as you say, to populate his church.

Brian Miller said...

intriguing...we have a large church in the area, generations and generations deep...sometimes i wonder do they go just because they always have...but who am i to question.

Anonymous said...

a pope-ulation problem. Love it. :)


Lilwave said...

Frightening but so true.
To me, the true christian church is not held within any form of a building nor kept together by the hierarchy of men. It is found within the spirit of every man and is connected by the holy spirit. Each one holds a piece of the whole and must be humble enough to find how each piece/member should function within that body. Those who seek the Popes instruction for their life will only be able to function as one piece never seeing the whole.