Thursday, August 06, 2009


Ever since I grokked Colin Wilson’s description of viewing a galaxy from the perspective of a being whose entire scale and metabolism has increased to be as much greater than that galaxy as we are greater than a sperm, that the galaxy would appear to be a sperm with a tail wiggling out its trail in our new persistence of vision where light years are our minimum perceptible flashes and solar systems are as atoms in the chemistry of it all, I have been infected with the notion that the universe is not only an endless mobius loop of fractalized holograms, it is perceivable as generally the same, above and below, from any point in the scale of perspective we may assume.

The same humongous entity Wilson proposed in his fascinating book, Music of the Spheres, could look up from that sperm and see stars and galaxies yet larger without end. We could also go to an exponentially smaller perspective where our molecules are as galaxies to us, our normal 30th of a second minimum perception window becomes a thousand lifetimes and we can look down and perceive the sperm that Wilson’s dilated being saw as galaxies having come through the loop Mobius has shown us is possible.

This all goes to say that whether one specializes in astronomy or nuclear physics, unless some sort of scientific reach around to the seemingly least related field of investigation through honest sharing of perspectives for an all inclusive spherical view of where we are as earth dwellers, it won’t matter what we learn about any niche or nebula if the picture only changes the viewpoint but doesn’t grow more inclusive of things sidelined as irrelevant to the cherry picking of purposeful research paid to fill in a prewritten story. Fresh discoveries await the unprogrammed curiosity in plain sight.

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Mike Goldman said...

This is a good metaphor, spirals within spirals within spirals may be more accurate than spheres, but it doesn't matter what shape you use to visualize the inclusion of everything in everything, and all of it consciousness.