Saturday, August 01, 2009


Civilization has undergone some horrendous modifications since the saw about “…old men plant trees they’ll never live to sit in the shade of” applied, particularly here in the forefront of progress, modernity and god’s will we represent in the western version as the “United Stetsons” (sounds so much more appropriate than “American” which has been reserved for the white folk of the USA by hyphenating everyone else). The corollary to that old saying is now “…old men cutting down trees to pile up money only their heirs will become feckless lolling in the shade of while the rest toil at some level of the mountain in envious worship.” Nothing’s new but the degree of idolatrous saturation among the wannabes. One must become a fugitive from charges of trespassing to just walk away from civilization into the land, every inch of which is owned by someone else.

After a couple of hiccoughs from air in the fuel line the good ship USS USA is again under way with a quick stoke of elephant patties to make up for the depletion caused by a vacuum in the structure of the gas tank. As the bull elephant shit begins to run thin the siphoners will have to realize that there’s a point of no return when the cost they charge for staying healthy and educated enough to be able to scrabble after the change left over when their paychecks return from the IRS branch of the vacuum tube is a losing proposition. The cost of health and education runs the risk of making the rocky paths its pilgrims prostrate themselves along trying to earn enough to pay for the right to climb the mountain too fucking steep to return a tidy profit.

Free health care could be afforded by using the billions it would no longer cost to pay for needless government and insurance bureaucracies to pass judgment on health issues — more than enough. Free education would put everyone in the competitive field of sound advice, where anyone satisfied with being a mentor or being mentored in a particular area of interest would form the essence of how subjects can expand organically due to freely evolving curiosity rather than a stuffing into commercially facile molds. The suddenly retired government and insurance company paper shufflers can finally scratch that itch reminding them how much more than a cubicle dweller they’ve always been by availing themselves of the DIY curriculum being offered in the diversity of curiosity and ideas unleashed from musty ivory powers and the booty full, snidely covered hauls of academia. The only retirees in the education field would need be those that are bureaucratic paper shufflers and the teachers barely doing that much. The students and the dedicated teachers that interest them could form classes on their way to new understandings of the natural world's influence on and parallel to our social interactivity.

The new fields of endeavor and the number of enthusiastic, well educated contributors to them is the benefit we would all receive when the real wealth of human ingenuity freely volunteered replaces the synthetic promissory notes backed by depleted uranium think tanks proclaiming warps of mass deception trickled down the mountain to a fearful, suspicious, avaricious world of wannabes.

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