Thursday, August 27, 2009


Something keeps civilized people from being in the natural world.

It might be the infant’s initial response to her/his parent’s attempt to present their offspring in a light most meritorious to the same culture from which they constantly seek approval and reward. My Dad’s technique of curbing my adventures into forbidden behavior was to angrily whip off his belt, send me to my room with instructions to pull my pants down, lay across the bed and wait for him to come in to whack me. I really don’t remember that much physical pain because he rarely got angry enough to whack me after we both thought about it long enough. I certainly remember the frantic mental recapitulation of the offending events and feeling either remorse for my selfishness which I pled when he came in, or resentment for it’s interruption which I stoically grudged down into my someday-I’ll-be-big-and-do-anything-I-want box. I’m pretty sure my parents left me fairly feral by the time I entered the world of public education; I walked to school with a stick to ward off alligators.

It could very well be the heavy mental blacksmith shop, euphemistically yclept public education, pounding heaping assumptions of "fact" into their molten curiosity to gird the budding scholars with pat explanations for things and events of which they have yet to and may never directly need or even directly experience outside some room, office, cubicle. One might just as well memorize every line from every episode and movie of Babylon 5. If you do not swallow and regurgitate the same thing, you fail. Innovation is spurned as pseudoscience or cradled by Black Ops. The myth becomes reality when you no longer see the walls.

It may be that dual headed enforcement agency keeping everyone’s head inside the window and legal limits, the ChurchState. In a poor attempt to disguise their guise, the identical twins claim to be of separate, different purpose, much like the illusion of a two party system, by employing different incentives (heaven/more stuff), surveillance (God/camera), enforcement (priests/cops) and punishment (living hell/locked room). Until religious certitude ended my marriage the church could have been cricket on my horizon of concern. Thirty-five years later my daughter denied my admittance to her heavenly afterlife party for not knowing the host personally. With no need for, belief in or revolt against the state or the church they both remain thorns in the side of one living outside them in the nature they’ve vowed to conquer.

It’s possible that the childlike fascination with bright shiny objects for which the Manhattan tribe traded away their island to become the world’s heaviest concentration of bright shiny artificiality was a sterling example to the entrepreneurially bent to exploit such human curiosities until they never want to leave the mall, monitor, steering wheel or storage locker — and they’ve succeeded.

Maybe it’s just getting too damned hot out there. We must be practicing living on Mars by turning Earth into a replica. Cool. I knew there was a purpose to it all. Not!


Mike Goldman said...

Materiality is the illusion which binds most, the notion that what is solid is most real, when all that we see is in a state of constant change, and it is that change, the energy which flows through and as everything, which is the reality that we are.

Mike Goldman said...

And I'm good with the host I hope, so you're invited. :)

Yodood said...

Your host has known humanity biblically for at least 2000 years, some in the missionary position but mostly doggie style. No thanks.

Mike Goldman said...

I think you misunderstand which side I'm sitting on here, but you seem locked into a particular perspective on a particular metaphor which offends you. So anyhow, if I throw a party you're invited, but you don't have to come if you don't want.