Saturday, August 15, 2009


Gonna be gone for a while. Just received Embryos, Galaxies and Sentient Beings, by Richard Grossinger in the mail. It appears to be one of those totally engrossing tomes about the reality it makes disappear everywhere but upon the pages of the book. As a hint of where I've gone, a paragraph from the introduction:

We must be present with our lives, these things that we somehow have and thus hold dear, in fact dearest, and that scientists tell us don't exist, not really. We have to salvage it all: love, the taste of mango, the blueness of sky, sparkling crystals of winter, salmon swimming upstream, the hop in a reggae song, the wonder of intuition inside us, because we live in a civilization that would give it all away, that everday trades our birthright for a bit more intrumentation and capital toward the sterile molecularization and commoditization of everything that is or could ever be. This relentless, nihilistic march now threatens to give back everything that nature gave us once by some unknown magic. And to what end? To serve what better cause?

See you on the flip side.

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