Thursday, July 23, 2009


No matter how blissed out I may be in the eternal present, my birth into and remaining proximity to a cult that practices scheduling the eventuality of yesterday becoming tomorrow with such self-important, acquisitive precision as to reduce the actual subject occurrance to a Kodak Moment seems to always drag me back into a view of such periods of meditation as killing time while waiting for something.

As I daily ponder the way the infinite variety of ceaseless manifestations and changes observable in nature seems to diminish in scope and intensity when I attempt to corral my free thoughts into communicative verbiage by eliminating much more than words can possibly include, I reenact the process by which our devotion to western civilization has mythdirected our appreciation of nature’s endless, spontaneous, random beauty by focusing only on facets deemed beneficial to inherited, imposed intent and purposefully manipulative meaning; a sort of preemptive strike against reality, so to speak.

My intent with this blog is to meet the challenge of talking about ideas beyond the mundane meanings of the words I talk with and find those rare metaphorical tidbits that awaken the most somnambulant to the call, albeit some may arise in the form of tantrums against being accused of wasting all that well crafted napping, to uncover their own meanings beneath the landfill of their education.

Civilization’s inherited intent is for the human part of Earth’s body to control the entire body by reason of, er, ah, the excuse, the faith that the rest of the body is under our stewardship by guarantee from the manufacturer’s sales department. NASA’s looking for a good trade-in deal — not even the Pak Murrah are falling for it.

Guess you can tell I’ve just wallowed in all five seasons and five movies of Babylon 5 at the rate of five episodes per day as a guest of fellow blogger and Dragoncon frequenter, Babyldorkgalactinerd herself, who, my trusty blog roll tells me, hasn’t posted in nine months. Surely Warehouse 13 should draw her out. Despite problems with the drama, or maybe because of B5’s frequent heavy handedness, some very cosmic realities about earth’s attitude about the rest of the universe make ironically poignant metaphors about the isolation from reality of civilized human’s arrogant exceptionality when they meet older, wiser, more sublime galactic civilizations which somehow have also become more technologically dependent to wage ever more atrocious suffering on larger numbers of beings. The authoritative DC think tank, Brookings Institute, set the national agenda for dealing with extraterrestrials by using the example of western civilization’s plunder of natural resources and exploitation of less avaricious peoples to state that Earth must defend itself against any contact with aliens because the more advanced race always dissolves, conquers or consumes the other. Ah, well. I know we're better than that.

I began this with something on the tip of my tongue and now it won’t stop waggin’.


Cinnamon said...

Is that true about the Brookings Institute?- what apalling irony.

'Fraid my life is made up of Kodak moments Yodood- I doubt I will ever be able to ponder as deeply as you.

I am pondering on the randomness and endlessness of nature's beauty though. Random. Is it?

Pisces Iscariot said...

Definitely a twisty train of thought post Dood - I agree with you on the quality of the B5 stories and characters although I last watched it in the late '90s

Yodood said...

Hi Cinnamon,
Brookings - yes. The beauty is random because of our wandering attention.

Pi, only as twisty as the knot that locked in the lessons it so obscured.