Thursday, June 18, 2009

There are not words …

Three Worlds — M. C. Escher

… so understood that all will heed their inspiration. Ideals are wise guides we are free to follow in our personal lives or fake in the anonymous righteousness of the perverted authority consensus wields.

Democracy is true equality in spirit and legalized mob rule as institutionally practiced. Socialism is true sharing in inspiration but is reduction of all to the least common denominator when required behavior. In principle, capitalism rewards all with the benefits discovered by the most curious and innovative until the competition gets cut-throat by the most acquisitive in corporate personhood’s race to own others’ ideas. Envisioning the fabric of the brotherhood of man inspired the teachings of Buddha, Jesus and Mohammed only to become frayed as a frantic prayer cloth by separate sects declaring their single threads to be the one true thread for all.

The light is the inspiration of nature as it is, the reflection is the experience of the light expressed, the shadows are the crowds hiding behind other's reflections for fear of experiencing the light directly and perhaps having an original thought for themselves.


Punch said...

...declaring their single threads to be the one true thread for all.
one of the best discriptions i have heard in many years.

the walking man said...

Let them embed their threads in wax and burn them as candles...better to put a thread to practical use than to try to palm it off as the objective truth.

Pisces Iscariot said...

A mighty piece of thought engineering - perfectly complimented by the mighty mathematical M.C.Escher

Yodood said...

Thanks, Punch

Practical for what purpose, Walking?

Pisce, "thought engineering" a whole new way for me to think of expression, the logical progression from mind mining and and on to either self-conviction to life within the conclusion of the speech or escape from said prison through a inspiration of a curiosity no such concretion can contain.

the walking man said...

A bit of glow in a dark room, a flame to light a cigarette with, a bit of heat to warm the palms over.

Just about anything but a lie told as truth would suffice.

Yodood said...

Walking Man,
The practicality of which you speak is the uses to which a candle may be put — which has literally, virtually and metaphorically nothing to do with the perversion of comprehensive wisdom by any who would make certain phrases taken out of context into passwords exempting users from groking the whole picture before donning their homemade robes of ultimate authority over behavior of all others as indicated by the votive candles they've so practically made from their distorted thread and sold as enlightenment at profit for their prophets to their bedimmed dupes.

But, you did write something. Which I understand is what writers do. That makes you a writer. That's the objective truth I see warming and melting such a waxy palm off.

James Higham said...

A nice take indeed.