Saturday, June 06, 2009


Strip of Möbius
Astronomer finds huge eye
Squinting at wee quarks

Strip of Möbius
Nearer there, farther from here
No place for dwelling

Strip of Möbius
Atoms as dense as galaxies
No thing for pointing

Strip of Möbius
Earth turns, nature eats irself
No courts for appealing

Strip of Möbius
With dualities resolved
No sides for taking

Strip of Möbius
When shine becomes reflector
Light's gone, detector.


the walking man said...

This is a nice example of the Beat School of poetic thought.


Yodood said...

Welcome Walking, I haven't had a car for thirty years myself.

That "school's out forever"
No beret, shades, turtleneck
Nor paregoric

Nice example of pigeonholing though.

the walking man said...

It would seem sir, that you don't like pigeonholing but do like tags (tangents as you label your posts)what is the difference. It is a means of organizing thoughts into categories. Please (while I doubt you could) don't think less of me simply because I recognize s few different schools of writing styles.

It is self taught knowledge and I never was one for the accouterments of an ivy covered tower. I occasionally wear a fedora but usually a ball cap. Don't own sunglasses or turtlenecks nor even a leather elbowed smoking jacket but I suppose I could be induced to smoke a bit of opium if passed the pipe.

Yet I use my language simply and for an audience because after I had remade myself for the thirtieth time I settled on the sobriquet of poet. Being a diarist never quite worked nor fulfilled me in the same way.

If there is fault in discussing the medium with others who write poetry, no matter the style, then the fault is entirely mine for initiating the dialog.

Furthermore while it may sound pretentious...*shrug* that is in the eye or the ear of the audience.

Thank you, sincerely, for your opinions. All opinion does in fact have a validity in the formation of an individual's conclusion.

Punch said...

Beat generation of the 50's is now the beat generation of the 00's. What the fuc?.

Yodood said...

Walking, we're just different variations on the common urge to share. While you doubt I could think less of you, your fears are based on the assumption that I think of you at all — you know, pigeonholed you. I don't work that way; we're just different — viva la difference.

Poets combine words in order to direct the mind to unspeakable worlds of curiosity where words cannot follow. Political hacks obscure the mystery with words intended to persuade readers to draw specific conclusions.

the walking man said...

I think I will link you up if you don't mind being categorized as on of the blogs I visit on my daily journey?

I understand the difference between poetry & spin but I do try to leave most political situations out of my poetry...except for local Detroit politics, there is just so damn much material there.

Pisces Iscariot said...

Fantastic series of thoughts/observations Dood - the mobius strip is a fascinating object, especially when extended into the realms of art.