Monday, May 25, 2009


Whenever I discover a fascinating phenomenon in nature, realize a profound aspect to perceiving reality or find a meal’s worth of garden goodies ready for the plate, something within longs to enhance the moment by sharing it. Whenever I read of the depletion of diversity in nature, of reality tunnels demanding to be taken as absolutes or of the million starving products of heedless procreation and agribusiness excesses, something within shrivels any desire to contribute energy to the culture that perpetuates such atrocity.

Blog Bud, Pisces Iscariot, posted a profundity which speaks directly to this divide this morning:

The jailer to an imprisoned mind may find his release when he realises that he is, in fact, alone.

The anonymity justified by consensus within groups relieves individuals from responsibility for their actions to the extent that if one claims adherence to the proper cocktail of group ideologies one may ignore personal responsibility altogether. The key sought in the quote above releases such imprisoning reliance on consensus by recognizing ones own unique capacities as a valid contribution to the welfare of the preexisting family of life on Earth beyond the exclusivity that defines any collective.

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