Monday, March 02, 2009


Normally I try to leave the humorous side of the dire effect of religion on human potential and original thinking to the comedians who can mix the two less snarkily than I seem to always end up doing when trying to be light about it. But this time it sort of wrote itself, I only noticed the humor potential for a wider audience than me and Lil'wave, on whose post I was commenting at the time, when lo and behold, as I tried to leave my religeous conundrum at her doorstep the following occurred:

"…all is possible." Exactly! Until one believes some god made the world and the rules, all is possible. Thanks for granting me the freedom, it feels great.

By your logic: If I am not an atheist until I reject your god (being the only one there is, right?), it follows you are not the creation of a god until you decide you are. Think about it, you can't have it both ways.

I really am born a creation of god whether I admit it or not — or — really am born capable of a full life independent of any notion of god whether the idea ever occurs or is rejected by me or not. This is the same logic turned inside out, trying to show you the flaw in your reasoning.

Speaking of which, I haven't heard any scraping of my letterblox from 'neath its dark, dank, damp, dewy dungeon keep, so keep after it.

OMg, I believe, I believe!!! This is more prophetic than Mary on any damned taco shell, I tell ya. Not only is god all powerful, he's computer savy, web hip and text messaging expedient as he warps the ethers causing my doubt and blasphemic heresy to envision before me his (it is a he, right? big white guy with a beard?) before his dire warning appeared mysteriously hovering over the blank word varification space in spooky, lil'wavy, vapory, holy ghosty letters was the message:


ps. I screen captured this and also copied it just in case his judgement is ever doubted … or his wrath erases it again. I believe. NOT

Well, hell. I take it all back, he fried me anyway, his message this time was:


I'll see ya'll in hell I guess.


Lilwave said...

You claim to be an atheist, do you not? Definition of atheism is to reject ALL deities (not just my God). Do you believe in some type of deity? Have you searched some of the deities out only to reject what you found? There is choice made while doing so and that was the point that I was making....
No conundrum here, only your usual twist on what was actually said. You remind me of those who pull scriptures out of context only to justify themselves without ever understanding or caring why it was written to begin with.
Having possibilities does not equal the truth. It only gives us opportunities to explore. Of course, all is possible until you start searching for truth. Then you have to make a choice on whether you accept, reject, or just say, I don't know, based off of of what you found.
Don't worry...I know exactly what I believe, thus the purpose of my blog to begin with.

Pisces Iscariot said...

big white guy with a beard? - I thought that was you...

Yodood said...

Why so serious? This was s'posed t'be a light religious post. Here you go getting all emotional and missing the logic in the conundrum.

Atheism really doesn't apply to me until you Christians want to define me and then it applies all the way back to my birth retroactively on the basis of never needing a deity (always gonna reject, even when not asked) so yeah … for you and anyone who insists I swallow creationism and human superiority over the rest of life on earth as god given, I have always been an atheist … with others the word is irrelevant to anything we might discuss or do
So are you the kind of Christian (I get so confused, there's such a variety there must be at least one for every believer, how convenient when obeying the rules to have one that suits you. How tiring for me if they all were the kind that made me deny each one.)… the kind of Christian who risks the wrath of God's vengence and jealousy by not insisting He is the only one. Pretty ballsy.

Pi, Nah, I'm a little earthling guy grateful to be a part of what the big white guy claims he made … with the bonus of realizing there's no one to thank.

Lilwave said...

"This was s'posed t'be a light religious post."

Rrriigghhttt...whatever you say Grand Earth dweller.

"the kind of Christian who risks the wrath of God's vengence and jealousy by not insisting He is the only one. Pretty ballsy."

While I'm checking my pants for balls go check out the Holy scriptures. I'm certain that I'm not the one who suggested it first. I think that was God who said that although,... it does also state somewhere in there a warning about false gods. It also says that God says in the beginning man was created in their image not just his. I take that relationship though about the same as the make up of an egg. Three separate parts but one whole.

"you Christians want to define me"

I've never tried to define you. You did that all by your lonesome.

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