Monday, February 09, 2009


I was a bit anxious to see the garden this morning having listened to a good soaking rain patter the roof all night. It was the first good rain since I had started this season from seeds. The plants responded as I had hoped.

This is the Belstar Hybrid shown two posts back, now 7" and turning coral in the center. I gave it to my neighbor and fellow gardener, just because.

This is a Veronica Broccoli. I knew I would have to grow this extremely exotic fractal freak-out (or freak-in, depending on how your spiral spins) version of broccoli when I saw it in Whole Foods for more than I would ever pay. Now I have fifteen such crowns in various stages of maturity.

As I type this, the aroma of this broccoli raab, chopped arugula and broccoli "rad" steaming on the stove is wafting through the RV. Time to make the cheese sauce.


Anonymous said...


Broccoli envy! I have never even heard of that "Veronica", but it is stunning. There is no turning back now.

How does it taste?


PS. it was a nice rain...we even had two deer in the garden this morning which is rare because the cliff re-routes them.

Yodood said...

I'll have to eat only Veronica next time to differentiate the flavor, the steaming together may have blended it out. Poor me, just one delitious, nutritious meal … or was that delicious nutricious?

red dirt mule said...


soubry just sent me a couple of pics of this broccoli - very cool! what amazing creatures, plants are.


BenJ said...

I too have grown Veronica - it is a very sweet tasting broccoli - delicious (and nutritious) in the stir-fry I've used it in.