Saturday, January 31, 2009


Civilization visits Nature

Like tourists with their translation books out, we venture into each new day with our past translating our present into a mediocrity of which we feel master. The accumulating plethora of explanations forms either a mausoleum monument to prejudice of concluded thought or a lively database for an expanding wisdom about the nature of more than the merely material world.

Like hippies hitchhiking across continents without guidebooks, curiosity transports imagination into an unfamiliar landscape by recycling the past into alternative sandcastles made more obvious, if not more valid, by the mirror of the spontaneous present.

These opening thoughts escaped my typing fingers before I could even mention their inspiration, in this instance: Animal Magnetism. I came across an article speaking of the various ways animals demonstrate sensitivity to the directionality of Earth’s magnetism from the specialized molecules in bird’s eyes that “see” magnetic lines to the findings of researchers into animal migration patterns on Google Earth that grazing animals align themselves on a north-south axis all over the world. It also mentioned the denial of much of the evidence by the “scientific” community as “pseudoscience.”

Without too much more distraction, I’d like to mention the pattern of establishment/heresy found at all levels and slices of life wherein the desire for permanence and the consequent appearance of entropy to be its destruction are obviated by the universal nature of change and the adaptability of symbiosis required for endurance.

Here’s my question for the day: Has mankind been more adapted to life on Earth at a period before modern history? I am inclined to think that, as an evolving species, mankind once did and will again realize its symbiotic potential far more completely than it does today.

From Julian Jaynes’ claiming modern man, being constantly improved, can detect more colors than the Romans based on the few colors their literature mentions, to the great pyramid in Egypt having been built by a lost civilization whose techniques of manufacture and construction are yet to be fathomed by modern engineering, one may even debate whether our potential has been increasing over time or is civilization an agent of human debilitation.

Civilization takes the smooth, constant transformation of composition and form that is the general characteristic of nature’s way and chops it up into digitized blocks of stories about the birth, life and death of the recognizable among the myriad varieties without accounting for the processes of transformation from one story to the next, much less comprehend the overall process of life in the universe as anything less anthropomorphic than a creation of a god for man’s pleasure.

Science serves the function of the heretic to civilization’s religious establishment of god’s plans and pseudoscience keeps science from establishing indisputable conclusions of its own with reports of phenomena not allowed or explainable by the latest official theories.

While western civilization explains the earth’s magnetic field as a creation of the rotation of the electrons composing the mass of the planet at up to 1000 mph at the equator, eastern thinking envisions a dragon, called qi seeking ideal paths across the earth’s terrain as demonstrated in the art of fung shui and ancients in the western world traced out systems of lay lines from Avebury to Egypt to describe much the same paths as eastern science. The book, View over Atlantis, talks of cattle collecting along these lines marked by standing stones, lakes and terraformed peaks and cuts and how, unwittingly, Christian churches, in an attempt to obliterate pagan traditions and knowledge, were established on the sites of the old monuments, thereby preserving the science they opposed but did not understand.

In modern times western civilization has emulated the powers by which the god of the Christians is purported to have created the heavens and earth with our flooding of deserts, draining of lakes and the blowing the tops off of mountains, because he gave it all to us to do as we please. We have also invented plagues of ravenous creatures whose natural prey we have eliminated, invented famine by limiting our diets to agricultural products, invented diseases by monkeying with genetics prior to proper understanding and invented poisons by our abusive attitude toward the material world.

I’ll close this diatribe about civilization with a portion of the comments on the foregoing post, Show of Hands:

"…as it would effect me as a human."

Here may be the crux of our disconnect: when you say human here, you are not talking about an entity born as naturally into the wild as the rest of the animals. You are talking about entities raised in a culture that dominates, invalidates and attempts to reprogram each newborn from womb to tomb. Maybe you can grok the difference and how being able to see the world beyond the myth being enforced by dogma and incarceration is the way to return to true symbiosis with nature without the Christian notion of ownership of an inheritance. The viciousness you perceive is your interpretation of natures changes which contradict your certainty of the way it's supposed to be in the mythical plan of god and intent of civilization.

Evolution meets God
(Columbus' captives and loot from the new world meet Ferdy and Izzy)


Pisces Iscariot said...

Interesting piece Dood - not everything can be explained entirely in purist scientific terms... as any lunatic will tell you

Yodood said...

Hi, Pi
Having been convicted a felon by our civilization, I'm considered in league with, "lunatics and paupers of the state." Howja know?

Science is better at naming things and their parts and making up stories for the names to play in.

This way that can be sopoken of
Is not the constant way;
The name that can be named
Is not the constant name.
The nameless was the beginning of heaven and earth;
The named was the mother of the myriad creatures.
Hence always rid yourself of desires in order to observe its secrets;
But always allow yourself to have desires in order to observe its manifestations,
These two are the same
But diverge in the name as they issue forth,
Being the same they are called mysteries,
Mystery upon mystery —
The gateway to the manifold secrets.

Yodood said...

Although science purports to operate outside the creativity myth, it is still subject to the self deluded notion that man is the pinnacle and purpose of evolution, that the rest occurred just so we would. Humble symbiosis with nature reveals the indescribable continuum that defies the most complex formulas or rankings of importance because even they are but another variation being manifested by nature from the unnamed.

Pisces Iscariot said...

Aye Dood, as previously established on this platform, we are agreed that Science and Religion often sing from the same hymn book :)

Pisces Iscariot said...

I comment as a fellow lunatic, of course.