Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Adam Weishaupt

My last post was about my hopes for restoring some sane order out of the chaos of the Bush Administration in the future, that void from whence cometh all change to beings here in the eternal present. This one is about the other face of speculation: my fears.

I am watching David Icke’s latest movie, Big Brother: Big Picture and am pimp slapped back to the real possibility that an Illuminati controlling the agenda of world affairs will have its way so long as people believe they have enough freedom to spare a bit more for government security against growing real or alleged terrorism. His PROBLEM, REACTION, SOLUTION description of the chain of events leading to a tightening of populations’ adherence to the shadow agenda is the forerunner of Naomi Klein’s Shock Doctrine by outlining numerous examples of crises, either natural or man made, used to hold government’s services hostage to people’s capitulation to stricter control: national ID, ID chip, insurrection control, presently being perfected in Iraq. Okay, Okay. I’ll quit enumerating. He and Alex Jones keep reminding me of those things out there that are so necessary to forget when you want to take up the cause of the latest, greatest political messiah breaking the control of that shadowy, black ops, X files government.

Whatever change nature produces from an unknown void we call the future, our reactions are the result of experience digested throughout our existence in the unavoidable present, while unabsorbed change passes on to the unknown void we then call the past like clouds that didn’t rain.

Just as the Tao may be observed by finding the thing that does not change amidst nature's profusion of variety, the illuminati agenda may be observed as the nature of government’s variety; that thing that does not change amidst civilization's plethora of social systems; those issues that keep being pressed from the top down no matter how passionately rejected by voters when the other party was pushing the same thing.

I have accumulated sufficient experience of government lying from the blatant Warren Commission coming to their fantastic one-bullet conclusion without benefit of crucial evidence buried in a 75 year time capsule for “national security” to the Keane Commission concluding three imploded buildings were the result of two planes; from witnessing two separate UFOs and observing government and public reaction to such claims to observing three imploding buildings and observing Bush and his staff lie us into a war in Babylon for revenge; from researching the war on drugs and meeting the friendliest enemy anyone could hope to find being persecuted on behalf of every business threatened if cannabis were decriminalized.

Despite these experiences and my own observations that the left and right illusion perpetuated by the government somehow always serves the purposes of a third party by filling the public coffers with welfare budgets under the liberals and draining them with corporate subsidies under the conservatives, I think I saw something about Obama that is above all this. Despite learning that he attended the Bilderburger Group gathering while still vying with Hillary Clinton last year I passed it off as his playing all the necessary games to get his foot in the door … and then he was gonna rape all the white wimmin. No, seriously. As president, I think he has enough support and transparency that, even if he were a Nixon/Bush nincompoop, he couldn’t betray his promises without massive unrest. But because he is Barack Obama and I want to go with my most positive feelings, I think he could very well upset this Mafioso protection racket control of our neighborhood and set the keynote in the paradigm shift it will take to rescue this planet — the old world order of evolving with our environment.

It is our lack of self-reliance and localized sustainability that makes us into herdable sheeple dependent on the source of the problem to solve it for us. The symbol of a 32nd degree mason has the words Ordo ab Chao beneath a two headed eagle. The new world order, whose creation the shadow puppeteer agenda intends, can only be implemented by creating and maintaining the chaos from which the people look to the perpetuating perpetrators to solve. Happy people aren’t afraid of or need help changing anything.

The most positive thing to be drawn from these considerations is that the closer one is to living symbiotically with the planet, as indigenous people do, the less dependent on and controllable by the big brother shepherds we are — and the less power they have over others.

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