Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Democracy Now featured what I hope is the beginning of a long line of proactive volunteers making the vision of change a reality. Tim DeChristopher saw a chance to delay Bush's last minute auctioning off of 150,000 acres of scenic Utah parkland to the oil and gas industry by becoming a bidder and buying 22,000 acres for himself and driving up the price on the rest of the land before he was sussed and arrested. The entire auction was suspended when it was found he had no means or intention of paying, thereby delaying the fire sale favors Bush was returning to the petroleum industry which has been leading this country around by wallet until the Obama administration can cancell the whole deal.

"I knew that as bad as this could possibly turn out, if I ended up going to prison, then I could live with that. But if I saw an opportunity to protect the land of southern Utah and I saw an opportunity to keep some oil in the ground and give us a better chance for a livable future and I passed up that opportunity, then I wouldn’t be able to live with that. And so, I just had to make that choice on my own."
Tim DeCristopher


Anonymous said...

First thing PEBO should do when he takes office is pardon this man.

Yodood said...

Being a man of conscience, Tim doesn't need further reward before the indictment and conviction of the criminals in the outgoing administration who will forever ruin faith in the rule of law if they get away.