Thursday, December 18, 2008


The reason I would go closer to the equator if I should ever decide to move again has kept me huddled in the RV by the heater with Priest for the past week — the only occasion we'd use either device. But this morning was different.

The sub freezing weather thrice threatened to chill my body to the point where I begin arrhythmic breathing when checking the garden or chickens that only an inhaler relieves. Suffering as dire a dose of cabin fever and hibernation musk as I care to indulge, it was with a sense of great relief that I awoke this morning to the sound of water dripping from the limbs over the roof of the bedroom and peeked out to see … nothing! Overnight the temperature rose from 30° to 57°F and the fog could drown you.

We spent several hours in the garden photographing the beauty of the healthiest crop I’ve ever hoped for on a day so grey the flash went off when pointed at where the sun was supposed to be. It’s all good.
Broccoli, Arugula, Spinach, Cilantro, Garlic,
Bibb and Romaine Lettuce and Cauliflower
The insert is looking from the other direction six weeks earlier

Veronica Broccoli

Red Cabbage


Lilwave said...

We had the same fog but no cold weather. Mid to upper 70's with zero to very little visibility. The cold front somehow stopped before reaching us. We had a sauna going this way which can be pretty miserable as well. Great for breathing and the skin though. Sorry to hear you had some trouble.
The garden looks lovely Mr.Green Jeans!

leslie said...

I can hear those plants laughing in the fog!
I feel a salad coming on...

troutsky said...

No pity here my friend. 35 below under the Big Sky. Time to learn how to play this dobro.

Yodood said...

I can't quite work up much pity for you either, Trout. Unless, of course, you are held captive in that freezer whose open door causes my discomfort all the way down here.

leslie said...

Hi Dood!

Yodood said...

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