Tuesday, November 11, 2008


There is a new report on the reason the Department of Veteran’s Affairs fears adding up the suicide rate of returning Iraq vets. Hold on to your hats.

If you think sacrificing the lives of our troops defending, not freedom, mom or apple pie, but the lie George Bush told to get the man who got away from his daddy is unacceptable, hang on to your tranquilizers.

This report from CBS on 11/8/08 shows the results of their investigation into the suicide rate of PTSD sufferers when told by the head of the VA that they haven’t been able to put those numbers together yet. Well folks, turns out this is yet another one of those things kept under wraps for “National Security” which we have all come to realize indicates some traitorous strategy or incompetence by the government must be covered up or they’ll be out of jobs.

Taking the low estimate of 3309 US deaths due to combat alone in Iraq divided by the 276 weeks we’ve been destroying the country and we get an average of 12.3 deaths/week, an apparently acceptable number to people in suits debating everything else because they’re not there. That is the reported deaths directly attributed to combat. That is in no way acceptable and must cease.

Now lets talk about the ones who don’t catch a bullet or an IED, the ones who live with the memories of carrying out orders that have resulted in 1,284,105 deaths of Iraqis. I will let you calculate the horrible rate/week those 12.3 US troops died to kill the enemy.

Had enough? Here’s the killer. CBS found that, using only totals from the 45 states that responded, in 2005, there were 120 suicides by Iraq veterans per week, 18.2 per day!

For every soldier or marine that dies in combat ten commit suicide either over there or returning to the VA denial that it even exists much less is a combat related phenomenon.

In the age range of 22-27 the suicide rate is four time that of non veterans. 28% of all returning vets suffer PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder).

Veterans make up 11% of the population whole, but 25% of the homeless population.



Anonymous said...

Jeepers! And that's just the statistics from the Iraq war.....

I'm suddenly hearing music in my head now.... sing with me.
Good God ya'll,
What is it good for,
Absolutely nothin,
Say it again....

You would think that after so many wars, we would come up with a better way to resolve our problems...

But at the very least, figure out a better way to care for our Veterans!

A small fragment of me is at least encouraged by the fact that Michelle Obama has announced that her focus as first lady will be to address, assist in, and be an advocate for the struggles of the vets and their families.


Lilwave said...

I've been picking up little things here and there on the news but have never stopped to break it all down. I guess the helplessness I feel to do anything about it keeps me from facing the reality. I knew it was bad but that is sickening!! It breaks my heart....

Yodood said...

Hi A, that song has echoed in my mind since I first heard it. Thanks for the bit about Michelle Obama's concern, I hope it's catching.

Hi lilwave,
Now that we have proved to ourselve that we are much better collectively with this wonderful election proving the heart of America is not racist, we must now prove to the world that we can lead in stopping war and destroying weapons. It a ling riding monkey on our backs.