Thursday, November 13, 2008

AS IF… (part 2)

Best Newspaper You'll Never Buyclick the pic


Anonymous said...

Now that's change we wish we could believe in.

Pisces Iscariot said...

I would renounce a lifetime of cynicism for those headlines to be true ;}

Yodood said...

Okay guys, watch out for which you wish. Without something to object to there would be nothing to rise above but ourselves for ourselves. Yeah, I wish for that.

red dirt mule said...

you know - i'm so sick of politics. it was bad enough that it was over analyzed into hell for the last 6 months on and off the blogs - and now that it's over ... do we have to scrutinize every button hole, zipper and toilet paper roll as well ???

but i do miss you, yodood.

let me know when a personal evocation arises from your soulful self, 'cause i'd love to sit down with you in your garden, drink some lemonade (it's my favorite) and just hang out with you.


Yodood said...

rdm, I have recently changed my attitude about citizen participation in government affairs when I realized that my abhorrence of the political scene was the very reason it became so detestable. Although my personal life will continue to find better ways of relating to the planet more symbiotically I will be much more proactive in civic participation, especially under a president who appears to appreciate it.

That said, all my posts are personal evocations from my garden or disruptions of such peace by political news. It's one ball of wax with me, so hanging out may involve examination of the lemons that go into your favorite drink as well as reveries about nature. You are always welcomed no matter what.

troutsky said...

That was some great agit-prop, good to know clever people are out there.