Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Fresh green scenes sprinkled with colorful highlights of animals and flowers fill my bowl with fresh natural potential for the light of curiosity to ignite the imagination with images drifting in the breeze as I draw from all that has gone before and vent all that does not remain. Spontaneous symphony of humming birds, grackles and dogs mark the variable tempo to the ballet of zephyr stirred saplings, dew drop dipping butterflies and constantly curious cats. Admission free, new performances all day every day, never the same, always enlightening to realize it has yet to be written or rehearsed.

Floor sweepings and shredded agribusiness products sprinkled with addictive pharmaceuticals fill this assembly line rolled joint with a filter on experience that, when lit upon, winds down the generators of curiosity and focuses imagination on strategies to deal with this all too explainable creation as I draw from all the cars that have passed this corner and cough up the particulate matter. Scheduled close order drill of profit stirred suits racing between their air conditioned cubicles and cars, constantly needy shoppers looking for some thing to make it all better and poison farting machines making it worse all marching to the monotonous cadence of the traffic light, corner clock and ambulance siren. Admission costly, no performances (it’s supposed to be the real world) ever, always more intolerable than the last time, always depressing to realize it is the result of constant rewrites by geniuses for an audience who have been educated out of their ability to think without words.

One of the forgoing experiences is of a product, the creation if you will, made out of the other. This is not a pipe. I cannot believe in this creation even though it may run me over way out here in the relatively unwritten scene. Still living too close to the plot.


Mahakal / מהכאל said...

All is Maya. All is Brahman.

Yodood said...

Yes, Michael. How silly of me to speak of differences. Why don't I just go Om?

Mahakal / מהכאל said...

You can go Om if you like. Some people find it helpful. I don't think I said you were silly.

Yodood said...

So, you didn't say "all is Maya" to be dismissive of the illusion of difference? And "all is Brahman" isn't just your stock answer for the reality behind everything including the contrast I fashioned to get readers to consider that civilization is the only creation and nature the material civilization abuses? Enlighten me further. I feel so, so dense for thinking myself silly.

Mahakal / מהכאל said...

No, I did not say all is Maya to be dismissive of the illusion of difference, but to give reference to a good metaphor of its nature. Nor have I given you any stock answers to anything. Brahman is the reality behind the Maya.

You still think we're arguing, and I'm not. I do not think that by spending more words I would enlighten you further thereby. If you are already enlightened, you do not need my help anyhow.

It is possible for us both to be saying the same things in different ways, and communicating our respective understandings. There is no necessary conflict between us at all, it exists only within your consciousness.

leslie said...

Yo! Dood!
That looks like a pipe to me.