Monday, August 25, 2008


All beneficial change in society occurs in reaction to nature’s exception to satisfaction with the sense of status quo. As individuals and as societies, humanity must learn to once again recognize and reharmonize with nature’s ways as the prime motivation, the predetermined path for free will action. As Einstein believed, “I question all theories, my own the most.” All theories are about the nature of the premise. It is nature that offers us the questions, and curiosity that keeps the options open. Nature does not deal in neat facts or irrefutable truths despite the multitude of conclusions prematurely reached by the incomplete and impatient theoreticians.

Civilization, I suppose, began as an attempt to overcome the loss of loved ones to starvation due to occasional seasonal lack of natural food when hunted and gathered as individuals. In choosing to join the coming together of a quantity of people larger than birth families, lack of space to exercise one’s free will became the basis for outbreaks of violence among members blaming each other for their own agreement to sacrifice free will to the idea of cooperative benefit.

Once the need to crowd together for cooperative getting of food was invalidated by the idea, that man was separate and above the bountiful environment upon which his life depended, leading to the advent of totalitarian farming to the destruction of vast areas of biodiversity for monocrops of a favorite few foods, the population of the fed-beyond-their-capacity swelled faster than their bellies, as any species would given a surplus of food. The new reason to sacrifice the choices of free will were to remain close to and in the good graces of the place where the tokens to be exchanged for food may be earned through any number of things one could make or services one could perform for people who were somehow accumulating tokens without making or doing anything but handling tokens.

As technology improved, spurred on now by the getting of tokens rather than the direct getting of food, farming required a smaller portion of the population until a vast majority of humanity had no essential reason to notice nature even exists other than as a thorn in civilization’s side. I say good on nature for that thorn, may it always grow through the cracks and let air out of windbags.

So today we have a world where virtually all the tokens are in the hands of their manipulators' attempt to pyramidally minimize their membership while maximizing control of the flow of newly earned tokens to their coffers at the top. The peasants, the skilled and creative base are too busy earning tokens to keep up with the baffling inefficiency of civilization to makes us all Joneses or live up to any other of its myriad advertised dreams or to realize that heads of corporations cannot shrug them off — the cold sweat of the addicted peasants is the life blood of that Atlas pusherman. Can you kick the habit of supporting your own worst enemy?

Everything manifested by the authorities is geared to keeping the peasants distracted by a thingathon of plastic status symbols that, while doing nothing to overcome the manipulating oppression, may get one eaten lastest if one can fool enough people into believing to feel secure.

This little rant is based on the idea that each of us is a walking contradiction of the peasant’s DIY skills and street smarts and the yuppie’s sell-out to the baker for a slice of the pie we could bake for ourselves. There is no leader gonna come along and restore our personal responsibility for ourselves for us, so if the national scene is gonna change its contradictory nature it will be as each of we pixels take back our whole range of colors in an act of free will to harmonize with the predetermined, inexorable way of nature.


Mahakal / מהכאל said...

Let's replace the tokens with something useful that people can grow for themselves.

Yodood said...

yodood like yodoob, ja mon