Tuesday, July 15, 2008


My friend, August "Gusto" Finn

As if to seal off the last rays of truth in human communication, some clamp sphinctered turds want to shut away the last whistle blower left at our bullshit production plant to exploit body language to both scam, er, persuade the marks and mind probe their secrets. The last shred of spontaneous honesty will now be woven into the veil of secrecy. The dog will now have its tail removed to improve its chances at poker. They’re tryin’a devalue my iChat by teaching the body to be as duplicitous as words.

The next thing you know we'll need head sets imposing a uniform code of expression and interpretation upon anything we are likely to say or hear. No one would misunderstand anything if it were translated into coded language — or be able to think outside the program. Wait, isn't that religion? So that's what the halo's for.

There's even a chapter on eyes which intends to make one's windows to the soul as opaque as Tom Cruise's shades that totally ignores how to fake being comfortable looking directly into anothers eyes. The closest advise is to look away to prevent domination. Sheesh!!! I guess I can still trust the eyes … of infants.

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