Sunday, July 20, 2008


When I started this blog I had two primary interests: my business, Green Graphics and my garden, so, naturally, I chose gregra&gar as my blogger name, which worked fine until the last month or so when my name began showing up as gregra&"amp;"gar due to some glitch in their grammatical correction/html code leak through machine (I had to add the quotes so that blogger would not eliminate the "amp;" from this post as autonomously as they add it to my blogger name). Though most of you might recognize my comments despite the misnomer, I have corrected the appalling appellation by using Latin which, preceeding HTML as it does, has a better chance of escaping its self-righteousness with "et." You will still call me greg, Mr. G or G&G, but we all know who you're talking about, unlike the htmltionally correct Google.


Anonymous said...

&"amp;" won't work anyhow, you'd have to use "&" if you wanted to do that, I'd guess.

If you prefer to be called Greg from here out though, I will do that.

gregraetgar said...

As I said, I have changed it to gregraetgar, you may use that or any part with no preference on my part.

Burbanmom said...

"htmltionally correct" is going to my phrase of the week! Thank goodness we have computers to tell us when we're behaving incorrectly, eh? ;-)