Sunday, June 08, 2008


The Georgia Guidestones

Sometimes the seeds for my posts appear on the horizon as I gaze at the dance of nature I mentioned in my last post. Sometimes it comes to me from a good informative and/or disturbing book or movie, a rantable outrage on Democracy Now or Countdown, or commenting on fellow bloggers’ posts, like this one inspired by Beansprouts when she posted a video by Penn and Teller pointing up the idiocy side of the green movement. I commented:

All cynicism aside, the green consciousness does seem to be shifting from the color of plant life to the color of money death as entrepreneurs see profit in the new green gadget market. As if the great global thingathon didn't pave the way to our situation in the first place! Throwing money at problems too icky for us to soil ourselves with, or care to understand well enough to notice that, although our conscience is salved, nothing's getting done, is the same kind of wiggling in quicksand that brought us to our original awareness. Changing our personal, individual relationship to the planet to become more symbiotic is the only change that matters. The starvation of the bloated, parasitic tick of corporate greed is a beneficial byproduct of our reverence for the nature of which we are a part — voting for and paying others to make us do the right thing is no longer an excuse.

Or this one inspired by Leslie posting on the US government’s ongoing practice of eugenics. An expansion on my comment then is:

I saw Alex Jones’ End Game a couple of weeks ago and have been sorely depressed ever since. Despite his Christianity uber alles phrasing, I got the message and the message isn’t good.

The entire field of conspiracy theory can be looked at like a yin yang symbol where the light portion are the blindly complicit profiteers, the fearful faithful trusting they’ll be eaten last by the hand that feeds them and the dark side are the blind haters of all things establishment who will blindly man any ranks protesting the man and all he can be suspected of. Between the faith on the light side and the hate on the dark runs the snake of reality being distorted by both side into a light spot in the dark side when such accurate evidence appears that it must be erased and dark dot in the light side when a cooperative defeats his fear and violates his disclosure agreement with evidence the dark side always claimed.

To go from our first edition of the Weekly Reader to the latest edition of Fox News finding no evidence to contradict the saintly image of the progress of the United States from rescuing this land from godless savages to the savior of the rest of the world takes more blind patriotism than believing dinosaur bones are God’s test of our faith, and for exactly the same reason. So I shouldn’t even consider such extreme cases, right? Wrong. These people are training and experimenting as interns (US Military) and professionals (Blackwater) in urban guerilla warfare as they demolish the entire infrastructure of Iraq. As weapons manufacturers pour out the means of remote killing to any and all, governments, rather than outlaw them, find reason to outfit local peace officers with superior arms, armor and techniques tested in combat and, for now, mostly used to shut down peaceful dissent against killing. Let’s not even mention the world’s highest prison population percentage with more being built as fast as houses. Keeping that shining image as polished as militant brass in case the sheep begin to awaken.

I was pretty familiar with most of what End Game was about: annual Bilderburger meetings, ancient bloodlines preserved by the illuminati, secret vetting of all presidential candidates, world domination, etc. The new picture laid out by this movie claims that part of the illuminati endgame is pushing the business end of the green movement and reducing the world population to 500,000,000 people, all under the now familiar “New World Order” through formation of continental unions all faithful to the central world government and herded into reservations forbidden to partake of the wilderness “for its own sake.” The European Union and rumored North American Union being negotiated to end the United States, Canada and Mexico under a new flag and currency, the Amero, are early evidence of this actually happening while South America begins to unionize its countries in defense against western culture but falling into the one world plan none the less.

The most personally depressing part of all this to me is that most of what seems planned looks like a good idea to me, but for the worst possible reasons and opposite end results. I have long advocated reduced population living mostly in dense pockets out of respect for the nature of the planet. But I also advocate the assumption of individual responsibility for ones own contribution to such beneficial changes, not by martial law. The dark lords want the land exclusive to themselves for exploitation while I just want it to be able heal itself in the relative absence of our burgeoning concrete and pollution. They’re sneaky bastards, those ancient, shadowy puppet masters of our world. I used to think the popularity of vampires was a reference to the ubiquitousness of drug pushers and addicts in the darkness of night, and it is. Only now the pusher pushes everything — stepped on as serves his needs and his addicts are evangelistic zombies out to infect or eliminate the heretics.


Michael said...

Take your own authority, then. It is yours, you have it within you.

Call upon the name, make it known to others, create a just world. You can.

Do you think they are unaware of this power? Let no one dominate you, and dominate none, but speak as you will.

Don't let THEM immanentize the eschaton.

gregra&gar said...

Like I was sayin'.

Michael said...

Rather than a yin-yang, perhaps it may be fruitful to meditate on the Sacred Chao.

gregra&gar said...

Your sacred chao reminds me mightyly of Robert Pirsig's Metaphysics of quality and the natural dynamic duality of establishment/heresy and subtly of another, dear departed, Robert. All hail Eris.

leslie said...

Quite the thought provoking post, Sir Vapors.

"...what seems planned looks like a good idea...but for the worst possible reasons and opposite end results."

It is insidious, isn't it?

Onward through the fog...