Sunday, June 01, 2008


Just the myriad of various interpretations of the term “human intelligence” should be enough to warn one that such thinking ability’s greatest nemesis lurks in every pigeon hole in every human mind. The fact that the sorting of nature’s variations into categories is a scientific tool of analysis leads the layman, and far too many scientists, to forget that it is a tool for theoretical thinking and never a basis for conclusions to be drawn or laws to be written about any individual entity regardless of the context of the moment. In its laziest thinking, most destructively stupid incarnation it is called prejudice, bigotry, racism, patriotism and sexism as:
a judge rules against people who do what he could never allow himself to do,

juntas forbid aid to their own citizens by ideologically opposed rescue workers,

school children act out the hatred in their home life by hanging nooses from community trees,

citizens follow insane leaders into disastrous genocide out a sense of blind duty

male dominated civilizations rape mother earth ignoring the love she has been gently giving since long before humans forgot how to gratefully receive her bounty.

In the name of human intelligence ignorant people claim human superiority over all they survey while labeling communications they cannot decipher or even detect as being either uttered by dumb animals or merely nonexistent. The repository for this self aggrandizing pride is the collator on the left side of the modern brain as signals from the right side are spewed into the hopper by the corpus callosum. Everything recognized has found its pigeon hole in the convoluted library of the civilized mind, everything else, the vast majority, becomes meaningless chaff blown away until such time as it becomes situationally undeniable. The right brain is the staging area for all sense of existence being received from the body’s cells. It is the gestalt that is greater than the sum of its parts as evidenced by the over pour of creative expression and original thinking emanating from individuals dwelling more in the right than most.

The latest manipulation of our tendency to clump chumps into lumps is being employed at its most insidious level in the more than year long campaign being indulged in the US, as politicians jump on a stump to pump out their most childish thinking since grammar school playground lying and name calling. All I can say about that is to check out who does the least of the worst, since politics seems never to exceed the quality of lesser of two evils.

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