Monday, March 10, 2008


Unremitting Failure, in his own inimitable wit, so dry as to be depressing sometimes, just blogged about his reluctance to serve jury duty for a system calling itself justice that has yet to impeach Bush and he gave me a wonderful new idea that could be implemented before the elections. No, it’s not my foolproof method of voting over the internet using our social security numbers as passwords to a free-for-all voting booth, its better than that.

The two Democrats, or the Republican for that matter, could garner a large portion of virgin voters like me, who still constitute the majority of eligible voters if they included a commitment to prosecution and conviction of the Bush/Cheney cabal as seriously and more thoroughly than the Nuremberg trials did the Nazis. There is a surge in the number of voters showing up in the primaries merely due to the anxiety produced by the Bush administration over the past seven and a half years with no one promising more than the same ole same ole change hoped for forever. If someone would promise the prosecution of the criminals who usurped our government there would be some stampedes at the polls no rigging could counteract. How ‘bout it Barak? Hillary? John? Lookin’ for a landslide?

Nah. That would be a promise no one would be able to backslide on and I don’t trust any of these candidates further than their party/corporate leash. Obama is by far the strongest potential for a betterment of the union these states are supposed to be in, but he is not a democratic person. He is a charismatic leader with the debating skills of a ninja fending off opponents’ slings and arrows which emperically supersedes the years of failed experience the others have had and he is accused of lacking, but he is not a democratic person. No one left in the race is truly democratic because none of them objected to corporate marginalization of the candidates who talked off the official agenda. Such as pooh poohing Paul over pot. Or laughing at Kuchinich when he admitted to seeing UFOs, while it is the government cover up of just such existences that is the key to unlocking operations so secret even the president cannot know that are affecting policies beyond the power of the vote to change. The simple logic that giving free health care to everyone would be more affordable than supporting the bureaucracy that filters admissions got these corporate shills shivering from the insurance company monkeys on their backs and the raw anarchistic socialism of it all. It ain’t gonna happen from the top down, never in a million years.

But like grass through the sidewalk, we are here growing along the natural curve toward the light. The internet enlightens me as to advances against the status quo in life style and technology toward a smaller foot print and a more informed existence. I see the isolation of the individual at the keyboard as an antidote to the negative effects on our social instinct by overpopulation and its inherent devaluation of life through the capitalism of pop culture. Everyone with a blog roll has chosen their tribe. Welcome to mine, not a mean bone in a one of ‘em.


Anonymous said...

Nice post toddness. And I must admit that I do enjoy seeing how you integrate the natural curve in your optimistic moments!
A :)

Anonymous said...

Right on, Todd. I'm finding you really insightful, and am glad to be reading your blog.