Monday, February 18, 2008


I used to have a business web site whose host’s email service was so shoddy it threatened my livelihood with oft broken communications. The fact that I only got one hit for business purposes over five years wasn’t a big problem since my work pretty much sells itself. Toward the end I began adding more personal things like a section about my garden and a bit of political ranting of which I posted most here on the blog just before I took down the site.

Yesterday morning, I was luxuriating in the lap of my new shed sling chair gazing out across the sparkling, chilly lettuce and arugula thriving in the late damp winter and the newly composted and seeded black earth of the spring beds pushing their luck against the odds of a late frost. I have yet to have a good summer out of the three I have been doing this. I sometimes feel like I am discovering what everyone who has ever tried at less than industrial rates has always known — don’t plan to farm through the summer in Tejas. I keep planting earlier and earlier. The light and the crisp purity of the air this morning encouraged me to take some pictures of the garden for the first time since I tore out all the spoiled rotten tomatoes back in July, reminding me of the fun it was to keep up the garden site.

This all leads up to the fact that I have been rejuvenating, repurposing and republishing my web site as Green’s Gardens, Graphics and Gab to encompass my three primary modes of activity. I took out all the strictly business works of my old web site except for the portraits of friends and music posters and album covers which were as much inspired by the muse as any done for fun. I have made the garden journal the natural basis for the site, whereas the graphics are my observations of nature, mostly trapped in civilization I’ll admit, and words a second language. I am pretty happy with how well the site is operating given about 24 hours or so of recalling procedure and repairing links as I sewed new ideas into old material. It is just a crude beginning and I would appreciate any, I mean any, comments, criticisms or glitches you may care to apprise me of.

I plan on expanding the garden section to include the culture that has adopted my pond and my venture into free range poultry. The portraits include a link to the entire Hole in the Wall Haul of Fame collection, which may serve as a reference for further “Tales from the Kitchen” as the portraits are of the core crew of hooligans about whom I write. And this blog is the Literary section with the addition of the publications and collection of potent quotes on the site. Welcome and enjoy.


Lilwave said...

I'm giddy with excitement to see you brought this back up!!! I missed it terribly. Yer biggest fan.....
Love Ya!!

Erica said...

Lovely, lovely! Some very nice stuff there.

Absolute Vanilla (& Atyllah) said...

I'm off to check out your patch right now!

karoline said...

oh mrG! you've been holding out on me...

*waggles finger*