Tuesday, January 22, 2008


In this crazy world of the blogosphere I find myself forming intellectual and emotional kinship never experienced to such a degree from such a lack of physical familiarity, with the exception of musicians and authors who spoke to my inner being. This virtual world can become quite literal in its being where one spends ones time, which can be a big disruption in concentrating on maintaining the life of the body. Someone somewhere near the coast of the Gulf of Mexico has departed from the cyber highway, stepped right out of her pointy toed shoes and her scribblin' ways to become a better mentor to the younger generation down a red dirt road of her own. My gladness for her dedication far outweighs my fond habit of visiting her for heart to heart searches for love and truth. I leave her link pressed between the pages of my blog buds as a reminder and a place to return if ever.


karoline said...

what a wonderful tribute mrg...although..i think bloggers never die, they just update...and reincarnate...

Absolute Vanilla (& Atyllah) said...

I remain hopeful that now and then she'll put on her pointy shoes and pay us a visit. Failing that, there's always still email :-)

Love tribute to Red, G&G.

gregra&gar said...

Karoline, if Red Dirt Girl reincarnates, we must lay out tables full of shoes to see if her successor can match her style, the Daily Lama shopper.

Absolullah, she yanked her email as well, no traces left.

red dirt mule said...

damn! i mean gosh darn it ....

actually, i'm so overwhelmed. i knew you'd be the first to comment, i just knew it! and i'm glad.

i am teaching. but i don't believe i will ever encounter any group of friends as wonderful as this one.

your bud between your pages did not dry, she just .... got caught in a maelstrom ... and now that i have 4 feet to shod, oh yes, those shoes will definitely be making a come back!

lolaloves08@gmail.com - anytime.

rdg / rdm