Saturday, December 22, 2007


Today the South Pole begins to point away from the sun and gradually hide itself in the shade of the girth of the Earth. This is my 200th post since June 14, 2006. In precisely five years the Mayan calendar will mark 13 Baktuns ( or 5,125 years since the sun last crossed the galactic equator and will do so again from the other side of the galaxy. At the rate I am posting I will have added 666 more posts to this blog by December 21, 2012. If the predictions based on the Mayan calendar come to pass, I will have some very interesting events about which to opine and by which I may be prevented posting ever again. This possibility of leaving the living has always existed and I have made my peace with the reaper long ago.

I just watched a movie I would have avoided except for the name, Stranger than Fiction. It featured Will Farrel as, Harold Crick, a man who began hearing the narration of his life as being written by Emma Thompson’s character, an author who kills all her heroes. In this case, her hero finds her just as she clears her writer’s block on how to kill him and, although only hand written on legal paper, she has finished the book and his life. She gives him the whole manuscript and he reads it in one sitting on the bus. When he returns it to her he is resigned to his fate, its being such a perfect ending to a masterpiece. As Crick goes about his morning routine getting ready for work, the author is typing up the ending. Upshot is that he lives after being hit by his regular bus when he saves a boy on a bike from being run over. The author explains to Dustin Hoffman that she never minded killing her heroes because everyone dies, but she’d faltered with Harold because none of her characters had ever known they were to die and nor would they have bravely carried on with their lives. He was the kind of person she would never want to die.

As contrived as this plot was it scored big points in the loss of fear of death department with me. Don Juan told Castaneda that a warrior must live prepared to live forever or die at every and any moment. Fear of death so lowers our energy level that we attract those elements that would exploit it. Hypochondria and Xenophobia are extreme cases of a plethora of other fearfully self-fulfilling restrictions to realizing love, happiness and an open mind, within us all the while.

It is fear of the unknown that formulates religions as community fairy tale tellers to buffer against the finality of death. “Don’t worry your little head about it, if you behave yourself according to god’s will you will be playing a harp in heaven, singing a sutra in nirvana, winning wars in valhalla … yaddada, yaddada, yaddada. You won’t miss a thing, you’ll be looking down at life from a more understanding remove. If you sin, you are gonna roast in hell, ride the wheel of life forever, be reincarnated as a coward…unless, of course, you want to contribute to the church.”

There are many perversions of those supposedly comforting promises, both in the curbing of free thought by theocratic dictates and in realizing one could bribe ones way through a life of sin, if one were rich enough, which seems to be a mutually self-fulfilling requirement of its own.

The excuse I hear most from those nearing their life expectancy goes something like, “I just want to see the grandchildren grow up,” as if nothing had been missed up to then. With the world being in the diseased condition we have wrought upon it, a wish to witness the life they’ll suffer from it is a most macabre case of group hypnosis and hysterical historic denial.

There are deathbed confessions of top secrects by operatives who swapped their fear of the repercussions for violating their sworn silence for the fear of having no virtue to report to St. Peter, having feared the government more than god while healthy, but for exactly the same reason.

The notion that there exists a date upon which all life as we know it will cease to exist for every living creature puts a giant twist in an already shakey path mankind finds itself trodding. Whether it is the Mayan prophesy seeming to coincide with global extremities exacerbated by human treatment of our space ship as an unlimited resource, unsustainable depletion of biodiversity, stoppable explosion of population, the rise of one world corporate fascism, 6,000,000,000 people dependent on finite fossil fuels or not, if it makes folks reexamine their lifestyle in light of these things, it serves its purpose well. Will there be a race among individuals to accumulate the most of everything or will the proximity to finality finally show any justification for such self-aggrandizement to be as blatantly self-deluding to all who deny it as it has for many all along?


Lilwave said...

"if you behave yourself according to god’s will you will be playing a harp in heaven. If you sin, you are gonna roast in hell…unless, of course, you want to contribute to the church.”

The reason I'm responding to this is not to preach to anyone but rather defend myself against your interpretation of Christianity. You forgot to include my interpretation with all the others you put in your blog.
I do not fear life nor death. The reason I'm a Christian is because of the love God has proven to me over and over. Not out of fear.
Christian teachings only tell us to accept the birth, life, and the sacrificial death of his son, Jesus. Salvation means to accept His blood sacrifice because it covers our sin and allows us to have a direct relationship with God himself. God did this because He loves us so very much.
Everything else is just to help us build a closer relationship with God and to protect us.
In the Christian Bible it's clear that man cannot live without sin and anyone who thinks they can does not understand Christianity. Therefore, sin does not send you to hell.
The closer your relationship is to God, the more you want to do his will. His will is a good and loving thing. It has never meant for the destruction of man so don't be quick to confuse the actions of man with God's will. As far as contributions go, that of course is wrong to think it does anything for your salvation.
What you contribute with a loving heart allows the world to function more peacefully and Gods work to be done. If it weren't for people that believed that way, many more would go hungry, homeless, and die. There is a constant overflow of forgotten people that come to the church seeking assistance. They are never turned away because the love God has opened up in His people creates compassion for others. How can that be a bad thing? Contributions of time, money, and spiritual prayer given with love makes a positive difference in this world. One I know we could never live without. Not everyone has the ability to take care of themselves like you.

gregra&gar said...

Hi Lilwave,
I was wondering if this mildest of religious references would show up on your intimately personal, yet & still Christian defense system radar. I haven't even finished cleaning up the English, and here you are.

So you read, "god," "heaven," "sin," and "hell" and find occasion for red terrorist alert:

"He's talking about Christians, shore as shootin'."

It reminds me of when you were just learning to talk and recognized only, "ball," "play," and "outside" from two or three sentences I might have said.

And you would reply, "griwslouuasda asfo0loij, oasdfj ball dsfojnas jmerpoias play asdflkjadsf outside."

Then we would go outside and play with the ball.

Forty years later I hear you say, "defend myself against your interpretation of Christianity…" and the rest is gibberish being regurgitated from a book begun by plagiarists two hundred years after Jesus' dubious existence!

If your radar weren't making such a narrow search for enemies to defend against you would have recognized Islam, Hinduism and Judaism, 35% of the world's population, as having a god, sin, heaven and hell as well.

If your beliefs are as truly personal as you claim they are why can't you express them without the baby talk of a mindless evangelistic Christian automaton.

"Not everyone has the ability to take care of themselves like you."
Most were made to believe it is a sin to not need a crutch, and considering how fucked up western civilization is, hard to argue with. No one is born for life in this arbitrary quiz.

Lilwave said...

Terrorist Alert Haha...that's a weird comment. You obviously didn't even try to understand what I was saying.
Yes, I do realize that there are many religions with God, heaven, hell, sin. The point is that you dislike me because of Christianity and you have, in past e-mails, discribed your idea of Christianity with that same description. You being my Dad I feel the need to defend myself in hopes of a little compassion from you rather than your judgement. Anyone else, I wouldn't care. I cannot speak for others religious beliefs nor do I feel the need to.
So now I'm an automated mindless evangelist? calling is always your way out of anything that goes against your own religion. You speak as though your an expert in mine. Interesting...

gregra&gar said...

When you spout Christian dogma you become just another person I cannot relate to, if that's all you got I don't know you at all. I don't dislike you, I mourn you for the hopefully short while this mania lasts.
"The reason I'm responding to this is not to preach to anyone but rather…" preach at you in particular about what I thought you said because I missed what you meant in my haste to preach at you in defense of my own personal interpretation of something you didn't even mention, as is clear as mud when expressed in the litergy of the gospel.

Lilwave said...

"When you spout Christian dogma you become just another person I cannot relate to, if that's all you got I don't know you at all. I don't dislike you, I mourn you for the hopefully short while this mania lasts."

No,I guess we cannot relate to one another but it's not because I have become someone else. You've just never known me to begin with but,I know if you did, you wouldn't want me to change..... I'm slowly making peace with our screwed up relationship.
Don't waste precious energy mourning your illusion you have of me. Life's too short for that and your just wrong about me anyway.
Have a Merry Christmas........

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Ah the mythologies that surrounded death. Sigh. Doorways and homecomings, that's all I have to say.

Wishing you all the very best for the holidays - hope you have peaceful time filled with love, light and harmony.