Sunday, September 16, 2007


M. C. Esher

For Pisces

Micro, Macro,
Psycho, Sacro
Anatomy, Astronomy
Autonomy, Epitome

Own, Grown
Lone, Sown
Child, Filed
Wild, Styled

Seed, Treed
Need, Greed
Slob, Mob
Job, Rob

One, Ton
Son, Sun
Perfidy, Remedy
Tragedy, Custody

Scheme, Theme
Gleam, Stream
Detect, Inspect
Inject, Infect

Smell, Tell
Dwell, Swell
Hatch, Batch
Catch, Match

Stand, Band
Hand, Spanned
Single, Mingle
Tingle, Jingle

Mini, Maxi
Whinny, Waxy
Lightly, Brightly
Slightly, Might’ly

Sense, Dense
Hence, Fence
Prefer, Concur
Liquor, Farceur


leslie said...

Somewhere between Subterranean Homesick Blues and Billy Joel's, We Didn't Start the Fire.
I love it.

gregra&gar said...

Hi Leslie, I really had no idea what this little exercise would evoke. Thanks for your reflection. Your blog is a bitch to log into.

Pisces Iscariot said...

Sparse and dense at the same time - and dedicated to ME! Hey thanks Greg

leslie said...

Greg, My blog is a bitch to log into. Please persist. I would love to have you there.
Underneath the log-in box is a prompt to "register". That is the secret portal...

karoline said...

how fabulous when your thoughts are words that need each other to be..such as you write we read you speak we see...

i luv it all mr.g...its fabulous..

"something I'll take unstained out of this panache " ~Cyrano~