Tuesday, September 25, 2007



The following tale is a compilation of my ideas drawn from sources as diverse as Darwin and the Bible, including direct experience and information from a spectrum of versions written about the nature of life in the universe between them and outside both. I don’t propose it to be truth to be believed, though I do have expectations and intent that it may resonate a sense of truth in the experience of fellow strugglers against the myth.

My creation myth begins ten thousand years before the creation of heaven and earth for the Christians and billions of light years after as far ago as Hubbell can see. This is not a story about creation per se, such as painting, story telling, dancing, singing and tool making. It is about creating the assumption that man’s creativity had carte blanche from ultimate authority to use the life of the planet any damned way it chose. No, “Because we can, should we?,” about it, full steam ahead.

It is belief in such authority that changed some hunter-gatherers, who were learning to husband nature symbiotically where and as it grew naturally, into totalitarian farmers wiping out all plant and animal life in the way of feeding the hunger of a newly accelerated increase of population now having to earn what they once gathered. Guaranteed year round food gave the farming folk godlike status in the eyes of those still nomadic hunter-gatherer-herdsmen and their well fed, swelling population fostered imperial expansion and the practice of demonizing those heathen, fellow humans who have what one wants, and live where one wants to live. The grass is greener syndrome gone berserk, as painfully being played out between Israel/Palestine, US/Middle East Oil, developers/9th Ward N.O. today. To salve their still compassionate consciences for massacring practitioners of the old symbiotic ways of living on the planet guided by nature oriented myths of the goat god pan and his pantheon of nature spirits, priests twisted Pan into the image of D’evil and nature into a chaotic wildness to be conquered, tamed and exploited upon the most supreme authority guilt manufacturing/manipulating priests and community leaders could concoct. What a deal: a citizenry who will do ones most atrocious bidding while paying one a tithe to absolve them of the natural guilt that comes with genocide — all out of the thin air of belief. Genius. In some form or other, that is how the creation myth, of western civilization at least, got created, and a strong foreshadowing of the things now condoned or unnoticed by a citizenry being spoon fed it from birth for longer than they believe the earth has existed.

For me, belief seems to be lazy hypothesizing, hope-othesizing, as it were, theories taken to be conclusions to ward off incessant contradictions in daily experience and thus avoided with the label, “tests of faith.” The theory my myth above out lines undergoes constant alteration — lately it has been inclusion of facets of civilized behavior as yet unlinked to the genetic inheritance of natural tendencies, unless this accelerated expedience and inexplicable behavior I witness down town and in businesses I visit reflects a confusion between the fight and flight instincts in knowing that the best way to bring the enemy to its knees is to break our own addiction to its poison — the enemy is us.

Without our willing participation, religious or not, political or not, in lining up at the store for what we have lost the ability to grow or make or do without for ourselves or cooperatively in a communal tribe, the untouchable spender of vaults full of our blood money would wilt like a starving tick.

Belief is so strong a blinder that one may gain fortune, fame and power enough that, despite having left a blatant trail of ineptitude and irresponsibility in ones every endeavor otherwise, has never failed to be able to buy ostensibly elected government posts as up front as governor and president, with the balance tipped by playing the god card and its inherent fear factor among the hesitant Christians. The “Uniter” in highest office today has rewed church and state in a ceremony after which he referred to the religious right as a “bunch of nut cases.” But useful tools, eh?

Just as gratitude for sex can be mistaken for love, gratitude for security found in the arms of a supreme being that is, far more than the aloofness of the universe, interested in and manipulative of our personal lives and insecurities, can be mistaken for actually being responsible for the shelter part of life’s big two necessities, food and … the food part is taken care of at mcdonalds. If the separation of the individual from responsibility for his actions, while separating the fruits of his labor from his wallet, is the intent of our church-state, they have succeeded very well. Even if the infinite resources our entire economy accelerates to consume weren’t a core belief in a divine promise whose lie causes all life on earth to suffer more every day, human population has gone out of control due to the original idea of totalitarian agriculture creating a planetary glut of ourselves and our food at the expense of the stability the diversity of life we extinguish. Any biologist knows that a population is controlled by its food supply, and the ostensibly humane idea of increasing food production in sympathy for the starving can only increase the number of starving people on the economic fringes while their portion of the burgeoning population remains the same as biologically predictable. Agriculture is not the cure for famine, it is the cause.

Well, hell, I’ve just begun on ramifications of a population acting on the belief that their entire environment belongs to them, the wannabes have to pay off the mortgage first. So I guess I’ll just call this chapter 1, next I’d like to tackle the difference between creativity and destruction.


karoline said...

so thought provoking...one needs only to look to the animal kingdom to see how one is supposed to live...

ahhh...but we're blinded by greed, aren't we...why only take what you need to survive when you can take it all and be king..

wonderful insight mr.g..


gregra&gar said...

It has been so long since needs have been of concern because they are neglected for the addicted wants the culture pushes as necessities and we have cancer and obesity as individuals while our collective effect is becoming an obese populsyion of cancerous cell growth on the healthy body of earth as everyone just goes along. As above, so below — and below that is, well, a lower way to live than is natural for a symbiote. A bad choice it seems modern man is loath to correct his individual contribution to, what with the dodge of blaming others.

Anonymous said...

"The General, speaking one felt with authority, always insisted that, if you bring off adequate preservation of your personal myth, nothing much else in life matters. It is not what happens to people that is significant, but what they think happens to them."

-Anthony Powell,
Books Do Furnish a Room

i don't know exactly why, but i knew this quote was meant for your eyes the first time i read it ...


troutsky said...

You are certainly ambitious. As Yeats put it "the ceremony of innocence is drowned."

Check this one out red dirt girl: But for the present age,which prefers the sign to the thing signified, the copy to the original, representation to reality, appearance to essence...truth is condidered profane and only illusion is sacred. Fuerbach

Anonymous said...

great quote, Troutsky ..... which then begs the question, "Does Truth really exist (umm - old post of mine) as in a solid, black and white, tangible ideal - or do we each 'create' our own truths .....?


gregra&gar said...

Red Dawg Gal, you been abeggin' that question for might near as old a coon's age as I have, but maybe this time my habit of describing the same thing to myself with different metaphors each time to triangulate on that thing you require to be a yes or no may have come up with one you'll resonate to: There must be an objective truth out there to generate the dedication each of us has to our version of it. The bigger the picture we envision, the closer we get to the untouchable everything that truth is, and the less reason we have to argue with the more self interested, narrower view, because its all valid in it's own context. Our arguments are about the words, the context not being ours, or close enough to agree with. Looking for truth in facts is like looking for the river in the boats. Expressions always deny more than they include, and the truth is everything. Get some rest, all that begging will wear out yer curiosity.

gregra&gar said...

BTW your avatar gets my avid stare every time. Have you ever seen her in Safe?

Another happy thought on the subject of truth: as they say, "The truth shall set you free." There's no guarantee that the truth will make you right, that's an emotional decision.

Anonymous said...


LOLOLOL ..... okay, you got me. It's like an old bone that i have to pick up and chew on every now and then. I was going to write a post on it; then i shut down the blog - sort of; and now, well - here's that old bone showing up again ....

i'm just curious i suppose as to how my own view of 'truth' has flexed over the years: from the absolute certainty that an absolute truth exists, to now questioning all 'truths' (to be self evident? or to be self revealing ??)

i suppose it's a conundrum that i will always be drawn to .... but i especially liked your answer this go around.

ahh the luscious julianne ....yep, she's real easy on the eyes. No, i have not seen Safe ... but now i will have to...