Sunday, August 05, 2007


We're watching you

Back when I first found Reverend Dodson’s quote, “It’s a poor memory that works only backwards,” I placed it lovingly into the category of amusing metaphysical absurdities along with Douglas Adams’ flying instructions, “Throw yourself at the ground, and miss.” Just having noted that quote tainted my perspective ever since to the point that I now have found a feeling I can only describe as nostalgia for the present, especially when planting trees I know I may never sit in the fulsome shade of. The present also has episodes in which I seem to be experiencing the sequence of events that at some moment in the future will evoke the déja vu sensation, as if I have learned to notice the moments of importance in real time living color rather than in memory's time distorted mirror. I have long favored the idea of future memory, but only lately has anything like the reality become my experience. I have long listened to messages from my genetic memory, why not interpret coagulations of extrapolations of probabilities in the present as the nebulous form of the future? It's all pattern analysis.

So enough about me and my feelings about my feelings — my feelings are also very strong about the abomination we refer to as a representative government. With what Pisces Iscariot dubbed a kind of rap track,

I give you

While We Obliterate Iraq…

How have the deciders divided
The American states once united?

Crumbling from home land neglect
By a budget to inspect us to protect
Us from anyone with the gall to object
That it’s their home land we’ve wrecked

Rumbling with home stand inquisitions
Into the machinations of hidden conditions
To hype the fear coming from all directions
Be it car bombs or our selections’ deceptions

Mumbling stifled truths behind chain link fences
Writing journals conceived in chain gang trenches
Finding resolve as tight as the captors’ wrenches
Karma brews a storm that hits in the clenches

Stumbling from first coffee to night cap warm milk
Informed by sources behind the official silk
Guiding the gullible with duplicitous bilk
No dissent from the journalists’ ilk

Imperial Constantinian Christians
Brand their peaceful prophetic brethren, traitors
Imperial Zionist Jewish powers
Brand their orthodox, un-chosen, anti-semite
Like demolished twin towers
Religious glue serves as thermite
In just the right conditions


Pisces Iscariot said...

Once more the nail on the head hammered :]

karoline said...

::claps hands together::

i luv it...yes i do...thankyou for sharing mr.g..

as for the other stuff...its not age you're feeling..its wisdom. wisdom to know that indeed, on yer next trip around..there had damn well better be more trees planted..



gregra&gar said...

K, I love the versatility in your avatar picture – buddha to upskirt.
You stretch, girl. But then after your vacay, you must be limber.

karoline said...

life isn't life unless you let the wind blow up yer skirt once in a while..