Sunday, July 22, 2007


Hai, Todd! Weze goze for woks?

G'mornin' Glory

An Okra, windfree

Lucy in yer eye with rhymin's

A brighter shade of red
(the only perfect tomato,
grown in shade under tree,
less water in all this rain)

Tomato slices?

Why, it's a bloomin', splashin' Rose

Nau we has fun,
arncha glad?

A captive of the internet
With wordless rage I'm beset
And yet
I have this need to say
How wonderful it is to spend a day
Out of the fray

One thing though, gleaned from my scribblings over the past week, I noticed that China just executed the head of their FDA for taking bribes to allow fake drugs on the market. In the US, it would appear to be the next stepping stone congress folks see as their priorities after being elected, between getting re-elected, and before becoming stock holding lobbyists for the very companies that bribed them. How can 99% of their constituency expect to be represented when 1% has 100% of their ear. I'm not for capital punishment, I'm just sayin'.

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SkiTheStars said...

Anything that is already extracting 100 million dollars per year from the American public has absolutely no business being permitted to lobby. The rights to your congressmanpersons ears should be divvied up equally among all citizens, and then traded on a stock exchange. At least the average Joe would get something....