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In ‘96 Hale-Bopp comet was on its way to Earth and I got caught up in the stir about the possibilities supposed about its companion, a relatively smaller body following it. One source of news was Art Bell’s Coast to Coast overnight radio program from just outside area 51. There seemed to be no deviation of starlight reaching earth as the companion’s path passed past giving fuel to the speculation that the intelligible radio waves picked up were from a hollow space ship. A staff of remote viewers at Emory University described intelligent life. It was all pretty exciting and caused me to use a picture of its approach on the cover of the calendar I produced for ‘97. From this perspective of the present it is easy to see how the lack of coverage from the mainstream media can either prove something doesn’t exist or that it is something being covered up by the dark side of the powers that be. The Hale/Bopp companion dissolved or disappeared before it reached earth and with it intensity of suspicion of the mainstream media, until 9/11/01 when it reemerged full blown with far more obvious evidence. The part of this post in italics below was written for the calendar in '96, but could just as well be written today about the government-media collusion of the entire activities of the Bush administration in place of the possibility of having to admit the existence of UFOs and related black ops.

Once more the perpetual flywheel of spin control is engaged to protect us morons from an occurrence which might expose the proprietary knowledge of our beloved myth manglers and propaganda pushers. But now that something so large and generally obvious as the events of the next few months unfold, church, state and science officials are all scrambling to appear prepared for what they’ve always denied to us out of total contempt for the intelligence of the “common man.” Our leaders are so convinced of the readily manipulatable statistical model of the average man, they’ve come to believe all individuals to be as mindless as the mobs a few of them join. No profitable snake oil salesman can afford to respect his marks. These modern smart-pill purveyors claim national security as an excuse for their duplicity by claiming our culture would dissolve in the presence of a higher one. Which, one hopes it does … before this one eats us out of house and home.

In reality they just don’t want to loose the reins on this snazzy system of bleeding the public trough. Their evidence for cultural collapse upon which this need-to-know alibi is founded has been a history of the confrontations nature-based “primitives” had with our own, western culture’s policy of manifest destiny bulldozing and revisionist, track-paving — hardly a higher culture — merely the planetary neighborhood bully with a greater greed for ownership and planet altering artifice in order to feel at home in Eden. Many meals, no nourishment.

I’ve never felt the threat supposedly intended by the curse, “May you i've in interesting times.” I hope it poses none to you either, for 1997 promises to be most interesting. I suppose the threat is proportional to the weight of the sacred cow or the height of the ivory tower one’s made of conclusions and/or beliefs … as truth always has been. I don’t know which I relish more about this threshold between history and intuition, the learning of the truth or the spectacle of the knowledge elitists trying to cover their lying asses. The comet’s nearest approach is due in March and April.

Once, with four dear friends, I participated in the phenomenal parlor trick that at least half of the people I’ve spoken to of it since have said they’ve done too. It involves one sitting relaxed in a chair while the others array themselves about the first, one each at the right and left armpit and knee. I’ve heard of variations on the preparatory unifying ritual but I know that ours certainly bound our energies into something as unexplainable and other worldly as hypnosis and ufos. We each, beginning with the person at the left armpit put our palm-down, open left hand above the head of the seated person and hand of the person counterclockwise to us in clockwise turn, continuing with the right hands over all the lefts but none touching, just hovering. We then considered the unity for a silent moment and withdrew the hands in reverse order. Then each standing person placed their two pointing fingers together like a steeple or a divining rod under their respective arm pit and knee back and lifted. For me, the sensation was more like following the body into the air than lifting my share of 280 pounds! It seemed that the gestalt of our intent was an exponential enhancement of the total of our individual contribution. I’ve also been curious as to why such phenomena are passed over as party tricks rather than followed up.

One offshoot of that Hale-Bopp companion rumor/theory interest was that I began to research remote viewing, download a ream of instructions, read Courtney Brown’s Cosmic Voyage and experiment with a friend with very interesting results. While sitting upon my seat of moss in my shed of jasmine partaking of the coffee bean and other evils lurking in nature this sunrise, the juxtaposition of internet, remote viewing and the exponential growth of efficacy to be found in unified hearts and minds it dawned on me what a wonderful opportunity we have to check out our remote viewing skills in numbers limited only by membership to a blog of seriously interested, naturally curious folks. It would be exceedingly simple:
1. At regular times one member is emailed a, “you’re it.,” message three hours before “It” is to go to any location they choose and sit for the scheduled hour of the session.
2. Everyone else gets an email 5 minutes before the session telling them only the identity of “it,” finds some quiet place undistracted, especially by music, and records, in sketches and single words and phrases, whatever comes to their mind’s eye when meditating on the whereabouts of “it.”
3. Resulting sketches will be scanned or photographed and posted by the participants and
4. a panoramic view of the random location will be photographed by “it” during the hour and posted for comparison.

I think it is a killer idea, if I do say so myself, and am hereby calling on kindred curiosities to come forward and make this unity of effort an enhancement of the power within each of us to do so much more than play follow the leader within the box when we can expand into the universe sitting right where we are.

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