Monday, April 30, 2007


The bridge between generations is often suspended from the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” The fact that we assume which generation asked which is the crux of the flux. The tragicomically ironic basis for the question is that the elders, if that’s who you assumed was the inquirer, really would like to be given a better idea than the choice they haven’t veered from since back when they first answered that very question.

There is a reason for the term “student protest” deeper than the fact that academia, along with prisons, are the prime incubators of heresy, albeit or because they lie within the most stalwart walls of dogma since religion taught us how to shut — or forever free — once open minds of yet uncommitted youth. It is that very uncommittedness combined with the natural naiveté of inexperience that broadens the horizons of youthful curiosity egged on by the almost reckless flexibility of uncowed imaginings of a better way to live and motivates their footsteps toward the possibilities. Once an official
commitment (vow made to loved ones, employers, loan sharks or anyone else who will hold you to it) to a life choice (marriage, ownership, parenthood, career employment) is made it grows defenses against the vicissitudes lurking in the carefree path of temptation. Rather than go as far into the wilderness as a tank of gas will take their toy they’d prefer polishing their candy apple paint job in the driveway. Rather than continue the adventurous life they both led when they fell in love, new parents become baby-talking wimps fashioning extremely conservative, heavily insured lifestyles for the good of the child now deprived of any kind of role model.

And their parents wonder why children aren’t more grateful for everything they are given¿?¿


During a discussion of the Democratic debates Thursday night a commentator was noting that when one candidate wins over voters they come at the loss of support for their opponents. Here we see the short-sighted tautology of “politics as usual” that also explains why civilization cannot cure itself without heretics to cause cracks in the walls of the halls letting new light into the moldy chambers full of failed tradition. The reason candidates believe they must win over the voters of their opponent is because the real silent majority of eligible voters, who have yet to choose the evil of choosing between the two lying evils always offered, represents a no man’s land where there be dragons and ships fall off the edge of political correctness for the facile fast track facades headed for privileged places of power. What heretical messiah could evoke this silent mountain of independent anarchists to make the needed changes to our system of “representative government” so that it actually is of, for and by the people rather than the milking mechanism employed by the rich to siphon the citizens’ sweat into the tanks of tanks creating and refining the rubble of the global victims of their war profiteering acquisition. Whoever it is must do more than expose the emperor's nakedness, he must dismantle the loom of his tailor.


Like my having witnessed two different sightings of ufos with two different groups of people while living in a culture that regards such reports as fringe lunacy, my awareness of the obviousness of the planned implosion of the three world trade buildings more than five years ago while living among a citizenry afraid of their government keeps itching to be aired every time the Bush regime is further exposed
at every turn for the murderous mendacity required for such an act . The one barrier most folks have to actually questioning the official report, which itself was staffed with administration cronies and formed only after the outrage from victim’s families demanded answers, is fear of imagining that their fount of plenty, their loving, protective government could do such a thing … to its own people. Noam Chomsky, who has been tracking government mendacity since well before 911, doesn’t see any reason to pursue the issue because, compared to the other, much worse covert crimes of the US government, it is a distraction.

First, I’d like to mention a few things that do not require investigation of more than the video footage, available from every conceivable angle of the collapse of buildings number 1, 2 and 7. Foremost is the free-fall speed and symmetry with which all three fall virtually in their own footprints, impossible without calculated implosion of all support. Next is the tons of powdered, pulverized, exploded bodies, office furnishings and structural concrete blown out over a radius halfway across the Hudson River all too hastily shoveled into landfills. Third are two refutations of the rush-to-exonerate-the-administration report: Assuming the possibility of their pancake theory that each floor was broken loose from the formidable central core by the accumulating stack of floors falling from above, the theory also requires that the next floor to be broken loose is standing stock still at the time it is struck by the falling mass, requiring its inertia, its static momentum, to be overcome at each floor, 110 times — much slower than free-fall. And again, when this pancake theory reached the ground the results would be a 200 foot high stack of floors around the still intact 1100 foot central core like quoits around a peg instead of the twisted lengths of metal and powder spread all over lower Manhattan.

Second, I’d like to mention the ridiculous lengths to which fear of seriously entertaining the possibilities contained in the above paragraph will drive the Bush faithful. One favorite claim is that anything so elaborate requires too many accomplices to keep it a secret, forgetting the fact that they are backing a theory that 19 terrorists with box cutters pulled it off – with lessons from Oswald’s single bullet I suppose. Pyramidal organization models demonstrate the ability of one man to control the fate of an entire nation, with each member in the hierarchy contributing willingly, albeit unwittingly, to their own enslavement. Look around you.

Bush’s hiring an oil man to revise scientific reports on global warming before presenting them to the public demonstrates his tactic of subverting truth to his own secret agenda. Inventing the name, Al-Qaeda, to give the appearance of a unified enemy to un-allied terrorist groups against which the US may declare war demonstrates his subversion of intelligence to fit his own secret agenda. Firing justice department employees who won’t agree to stand on his side of the scales demonstrates his arrogant avoidance of judgment. All these gnats buzzing around the dung heap occupying the White House are finally gagging a public who willingly, gratefully swallowed the camel that was the 911 Commission Report's version of what happened six years ago.

May you live in interesting times … indeed!


Pisces Iscariot said...

"...dismantle the loom of his tailor"
damn! I wish I'd thought of that :]
Some strong images here Greg, the baby talking parents and car polishing automatons - excellent critique.

Liberal White Boy said...

I don't think I'm as smart as you, but you strike me as the type of subversive who has read JC's "Hero With a Thousand Faces" more than once. Just what do you have against delusion,sir?

gregra&gar said...

I have nothing against anyone's version of reality, illusion, delusion, confusion all matter not. It is the acting from ones reality tunnel without considering the variation of reality tunnels effected under the light of the golden rule.

Liberal White Boy said...

I would like you to write a review of a song. As a fellow reader of the American Scientist I knew immediatly you were the only one who could handle this and I like your writing style. The song is called "Are You Billy Graham" (Or are we all really just hollograms)
Let me know if you can do this for me.

gregra&gar said...

lwb — Let me hear the song, and I'll tell you then.

Liberal White Boy said...

Sorry Greg that was Scientific American. Alright I'll admit it I'm shit faced. But I Know you can handle this.