Monday, April 09, 2007


I just heard a spokesman for the UN’s task force on the environment, a Mr. Puchauri, make an oxymoronic appeal on behalf of the poor of the world on the basis of the fact that they are “least equipped to adapt to global warming” while ignoring the obvious fact that those most equipped to adapt are equipped with the very devices that heat up the environment already while the well adapted cool their little heels in their private isolation chambers at home, on the gas-guzzling road and on the job. What is this adapt shit anyway? Is the UN capitulating to the inevitability of a possibility just to avoid ruffling the feathers of the internationally profiteering corporations whose greed insistently, consistently, persistently overshadows their responsibility for causing it. I don’t deny global warming is occurring, but to act as if there were no other behavior but to adapt (more air conditioners, faster warming) to an inevitability (that mankind is beyond the tipping point of planetary warming) is an awfully short-sighted, craven avoidance of correcting the spoiled lifestyle of the rich nature-conquering and famous western civilization, just because it has all the money and adapting equipment. That money can only cause more problems by enabling mankind to keep on fucking with that which we’ve yet to understand, but believe we own anyway. Nature is much more healthy than we understand, else why would its immune system be trying to flush us away as long as we insist on being an oncological ideology. It makes one consider becoming a member of the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement, whose motto is "May we live long and die out," not that I want more progeny anyway. I also like the metaphor they use, “believing the act of sex is a response to the instinct to procreate is like believing that eating is in response to a need to defecate.”

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