Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Cornel West

I just watched the most moving political talk since I saw Howard Zinn’s lecture on the function of history in preventing imperialism. Hooray for Democracy Now, the only place I know to find such profound understanding of the realities of the world today. The speaker was Cornel West, a professor of religion and African-American studies at Princeton University, who lit me up with his enthusiasm and clarifying understanding of the roots and soil of social unrest and what it takes to grow through the concrete of imperialism beginning with a very inclusive definition of the spirit of the left, and how acting in positive ways about what most closet leftist only mutter up their sleeve about is on the verge of becoming a unifying reality as radical reform catches on with the emerging youth. I won’t go on, I just wanted to give anyone who cares about the sorry state of US imperialism and we subjects being misrepresented by it a heads up on something you may never forget. He has a book out, "Democracy Matters: Winning the Fight Against Imperialism”, which is next on my reading list.

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troutsky said...

Dr.West has been a thorn in Empires foot for a great long time.Im not sure I understand your title, are these polarities? I cling to a perhaps to generous notion that there are those expressing their own oppression by alienation,ignorance etc,who may seem indifferent but really crave emancipation. Then there are the bad guys.