Monday, January 08, 2007


From the least to the most nucleotide links in the RNA molecule, there must have existed at least one of every possible combination at some instant in the course of eternity. Those kinds of things which appear to recur most often we name, after which additional editions are relegated to anomalous subspeciehood. Abundance indicates favorable conditions for the abundant and unfavorable for the rare. Elsewhere the situation may be reversed, nature’s place for everything. The relative success of a species may be indicated by the amount of elsewhere that remains favorable to its abundance. Civilization’s technology has made mankind’s range and abundance upon the earth unlimited; by both isolating himself from the unfavorable conditions of where he has imposed himself (clothing, shelter) and altering them (heating, air-conditioning), the stifling, hot house incubator quantity of mankind’s population has made the totality of his individual, technology dependent, otherwise innocent daily lives an unmitigated alteration of the entire planetary system of conditions upon which the health of all its parts depend.
Is it our manifest destiny to live in life suits to survive our imminent domain or can we leave the city to the vines, return to the mammal hood and range where the weather suits our skin. We might even grow back a luxurious fur coat down at the natural selection mall.

That mankind perpetuates
Past jungle ravaged temples,
Desert buried pyramids and
Ocean flooded avenues
Isn't the grandeur of his creations
Made in worship of his latest facts
Woven by the religion of his science
About his imminent domain.

That mankind perpetuates
Past protest, revolution and war
And all matter of dissatisfaction
With his cultural creations
Isn't the eloquence of his speeches
About the arrangement with the pusher
Of things he can no longer live without
And can no longer do himself.

Squeaky wheels get greased
With decoctions of motives once alive.
Mechanisms of metal and men
Must grind exceeding wrong
When their fuel is the hatred of
Their sounds being silenced,
Resignation of the "will of the people" red button
Under the vampiric thumb of their pusher.

Quiet, not silenced,
An unbowed, uncowed,
Not quite so common,
Part of man observes nature direct
Without herding for protection,
Farmers for food
Nor societies for friends
Remains at home wherever
Whenever nature’s changing ways
Topple mythical realities
With volcanoes and revolutions.
Part of a habitat,
As always,
Returned to symbiosis;
And being food
Is, once again,
His only problem.


troutsky said...

Finding food is still a huge problem for a huge number of humans every day.I don't know how symbiotic their existence is. Sorry to see issues with Pocho causing you grief, I have not found the discourse particularly stimulating on the forum and some of the attitudes are downright zenophobic,if not racist.

gregrandgar said...

It seems amazing to me that western civilization uproots indigenous people from the land of their ancestors, crowds them into cities and compounds and calls their lack of sustainence a reason to genetically alter their food to feed them. What the hell were they eating before our benevolence struck them?

As to the other — "Ists babbling on about isms" — who needs yet another tautology?

Pisces Iscariot said...

Have just caught up on my emails - did not realise that you had fallen out with Pocho...
Here's a comment from Dr Victorino de la Vega
Ignore Pocho, he's just a dogmatic Marxist poseur of Thirdworldist persuasion... The kind of guy who would shout: Viva la Revolucion! Viva Zapata! while sipping Dom Perignon al fresco

mullet said...

nice one pisces...a bit of sublimation?

littlebitofsonshine said...

Hello now back to my blog so i dont have to see any negative on someone who has helped me learn more the short time i have been studing on the net .Has helped me learn so many things and also tryed to keep me safe from people distracting me from learning many TRUTHs in history from many sides .Bless you all be safe walk in peace allways we are in strange times and many ELDERS KNOW IT .time we forget differances and become as one in self and as humanity i think but what do i know .