Sunday, January 14, 2007


The most rain anyone in this area has ever experienced fell here over the past two days with 100% predicted precipitation over the next two.
As can be seen, the pond is under about three inches of water which had me expecting to go out and net the puddles when it began drying up. This morning the last pockets of water other than the new pond under the dome had dried up and no fish. By sundown today, the pond had cleared of runoff mud enough to see plenty of fish still there. Go figure. Also obvious from the pictures is how close up the new banks around the raised gardens it got. I don’t know if they held the water away from the bottom of the gardens or not, but they drain very well with the vermiculite/spaghnum moss mix. All the winter rye seed I’d spread along the banks were ready food for the little birds as the water receded, so I reseeded this evening in response to the recession and the bird’s obsession.
Some hail is expected in the colder rain to come. So far I expect my winter garden to thrive on this rain but nights in the twenties with rain, we’ll see.

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