Sunday, October 22, 2006


This should never be taken as a defense of the citizens’ of the US apathy toward their own complicity in their government’s usurpation of the very freedoms they claim to be defending with continual systematic torture and murder of innocent villagers having no connection to the terrorists sought by the terrorists they are. No, this is one of those equivocating, relative comparisons to widen the blame and perhaps unite the opposition to such atrocities. Zatikia’s latest post got me to thinking about how truly widespread the apathy toward the untoward actions of my alleged government has become. I noticed that, with the exception of Hugo Chavez’s diablo speech and Desmond Tutu’s too, too sweet chastisement of war criminals, I don’t seem to be getting much news of activism from the governments of countries whose people are much more outraged than they are.

Has the entire world become as dependent and afraid of the US president and his knights as the US legislative branch in giving them carte blanch since 9/11/01? Why aren’t countries levying sanctions on the US, withdrawing their embassies, kicking the US ambassadors out, boycotting trade, forming UN demands like they drew up in one day over North Korea per US expedience? That might have just as well been a rhetorical question — we all know why. They all imagine they have something to loose by becoming totally independent of the “world leader since the fall of the wall.”

Hugo Chavez is beginning to become my new best example of head of state over no matter what form of government presided. The worse the US propaganda machine savages him, the deeper I look and find a man representing the population like I have not seen since Evo Morales in Bolivia, the first indigenous leader of his own country in the Americas since the imposition of European leaders. Chavez donates winter heating fuel to the US poor and 7-11s nationwide drop Venezuela's oil company, Citco, to punish him for his comments at the UN. The US government demonizes any opposition inside and outside its borders because they intend to do away with borders altogether and change their name to United States of Earth, a MacDonalds in every lunch pail, Exxon in every tank, smelly sneakers on every foot, in their pocket every dollar.

We need more Khrushchevs to bang their shoes on the podiums of international assemblies and forming effective unions against this crew unmasking themselves everyday with the hubris that believes their arrogance is righteous and beyond judgment of mere mortals. So, to my international blogging comrades who just love laying it all at the feet of the sleeping sheep in the US complicit in their ignoring the terror wreaked by their own protector, I ask you to question the quietude or complicity of your own government and volunteer to undergo whatever hardships come with no US dependency, just to bring it to heel or heal it which ever comes first. Now there’s an idea any good socialist organizer could get behind. Maybe.


mullet said...

as i've said to zatikia before...britain is awash with this shite too: apathy, clear perception of us: all such sensitive where's my favourite fanny gurner?

troutsky said...

Im no apologist for US intervention but other governments, including Zatikias, are plenty guilty as well. The question is, do we sit here and complain about each others government or do we do something about it. In Mexico there is a teachers strike which needs to be supported, in US, a war we need to stop (among other things)

I spent time last winter in Venezuela and concur that there is a model we must try to emulate.

gregrandgar said...

Good point Troutsky, but some how I feel like the problem is bigger, more like a paradigm shift required. Somehow, since I started this blog and began reading threads leading away from Further Left Forum's posts and comments I feel like I am detecting a species addiction to being led … across all racial, ethnic or national categories. This irresistable technology for both enhancement and destruction of life in the hands of culturally insensitive bean counters threatens to pave the world. Most opposition to that is just wanting to control the concrete company and maybe slow the mixers down a little, get some astro turf — but no one wants their planet back enough to withdraw support of the vampires that run the concrete company on their lifeblood.
Don't know if you have ever read Ishmael by Daniel Quinn but his Beyond Civilization speaks to the possibility and necessity of returning to a kind of tribal life enhanced by emperical knowledge and wisdom of the alternative path we're on now.