Tuesday, October 17, 2006


If a bank in Smalltown, Anywhere, USA were robbed by masked gunmen who got clean away without leaving town, fingerprints or any other conclusive evidence as to their identities, the logical next step would be for the police to monitor the shopping activities of the townsfolk for evidence of unusually large expenditures of money. Qui bono?

After a period of time inattention, inaccuracies and dwindling intensity combine to defeat even that method of locating the perpetrators of the crime of appropriating the life savings and best hopes for the future of the entire citizenry. If the leap of the metaphor isn’t too great to make, and we forget that we already have decided who planned, executed and blamed others for the murder of thousands of people on 9/11/01, the logical next step would be for the curious to monitor the activities of the world population for evidence of unusually large expenditures of money to exploit the event for further genocidal activities. Qui bono? If, after a period of less than a month of observation, the bank owner in Smalltown had sprung for himeself a home by erecting a luxurious new mansion in the center of the town square replacing the statue of the founder, some suspicions might be aroused in the most casual observer.

When in the first year of the reign of the son a highly suspicious event occurs which he exploits within a month for the purpose of avenging the interruption of his father’s holy war, the knights and the peasants hardly bat an eyelash while donating their freedom and income to the cause of false security and revenge against a heathen brotherhood of terrorists the son and his knights vow have done this unholy deed. The anomaly in this last dance of the metaphors may be understood more clearly in the light of the mythology that controls the thinking of this seemingly normal population. The mythology of this anomalous kingdom is that they believe they were created by a Personification who bequeathed the entire rest of His week’s creations to them do with as they wish with one hand and burned entire populations to the ground out of puritanical jealousy of other ways of living and turned sentimentalists to statues of sodium chloride for trying to show it on television with the other hand. It’s not that they believe such barriers to free thinking so much as that they are afraid not to.

The scariest possibility is the least likely to be seen inside a wall of media propaganda dressing the emperor in shepherd’s new clothing. After Saint George slays the dragon, who is to save fair maiden from Saint George? The brazen rape of freedom at home in the name of security, the looting of the national treasury for the benefit of coporate dons and the destruction of a nation with the pretext of stopping an evil dictator and lies of WMDs to give their biggest backers a country to loot and rebuild in the “American” way all seem to point to the bank president. Smalltown got their man, but it was a small town, they knew the bank president all their lives. The US is controlled by people so far from all their constituents it’s like watching ants and, for this administration, with the same lack of compassion. If we ever get the murderous criminals rounded up and dealt with, our first priority is to start keeping our money under our mattress and our business with people we actually know. Kinda like a tribe. We won’t have to rub two sticks together to get fire, just live where we are with much more attention to the here now of our neighborhood’s well being and less concern about people and other tribes we can’t understand who mean us no harm living elsewhere.

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Pocho said...

The first question to be asked in looking for leads is "Who benefits?"

As to others, there are so many unanswered questions regarding the events of 9/11 that it is currently impossible to determine exact culpability. But it is the manner in which those questions are being left unanswered and even refused answers that leads to no other conclusion than elements within the US government were not only aware of the events to unfold but were also involved in their planning and execution.