Saturday, September 30, 2006


I want to state once again, and probably will every so often in the future, I offer no information other than my thoughts. There are no facts here. I do not lie because I express nothing that I claim to be the truth beyond the honest expression of my thinking. Other than my responsibility and capacity to deal with what ever passes through here now based on decades observing myself, I believe in nothing and haven’t been disappointed since I realized that. One may detect a trend in my thinking towards an ideal of people being self-guided by their genetic memory, the golden rule and symbiosis with the nature of the planet allowing the open sharing of our unique perspectives to be the freedom and security through stability of humanity, rather than the reason to take sides one against the other in cancerous clots. Alone, we stand. Together, we lean.

So saying, let’s get back to one of the symptoms of the latest, greatest clot, that gigantic portion of a previously potent population being mass hypnotized like an alligator having its belly rubbed by Ross Allen for the money inside without even needing to make a purse out of it. It's magic, it’s a slight of hand, it’s been going on forever in bolder and bolder strokes as the alligator falls deeper asleep under the nimble hands of the two party system and can’t quite remember a life of freedom in the swamp any more. Besides, you can’t get rich if all you have is this great big purse made of cured alligator skin.

Let’ forget about the fact that the government has taken progressively bigger chomps out of the national income, out of the expenditure of our energy to earn, out of the heralded freedom to “go shopping,” out of the very act of going anywhere, which we must work five and a half months every year to pay for.

Let’s forget about the imperialistic preemptive quagmire of daily atrocity compiled by an administration staffed by rich men dreaming up new wars like Detroit and Osaka dream up new cars for the feeding of the military industrial enrichment and complexification of freedom throughout the entire world while arrogantly calling it the spreading of freedom and democracy.

Let’s forget about the turning of its back on the effects of testing of biological, chemical and radioactive substances on the veterans and victims of the first gulf war because they claim to have lost all their military records.

Let’s forget the black underbelly of the 9/11/06 responsibility of our leaders for the murder of thousands of its own people whether it be by their incompetence or their bloodthirsty plan.

Let’s forget the completely disastrous results of our government’s years of ignoring the now proven inevitability of a disaster waiting to happen in New Orleans and the indifferent, inept response exhibited when it became reality.

Let’s forget the six year gutting of socially responsible legislation and coffers for the priority of war and Homeland Security being made more justifiable every day with every new vengeful recruit our own sneaking, lying, murdering spy (I prefer that to calling it intelligence) system tells the administration we breed at an accelerating rate amongst our victims, called enemy, called terrorist. Stay the course, of course, of course…

Let’s forget all those facets of the Bush regime and take a good hard look at how what they allow themselves do in plain sight with a hubris that eschews their mainstream media propaganda regurgitators’ function of spinning it to less blatant or totally obscure. The alligator has layed on its back so long waiting for strokes, they think they're invisible. They state an airtight case for branding them enemies of democracy and the provocateurs of fascism.

Bush claims to fear God and be acting in His name while his own church is planning antiwar protests in which many participants will in all likelihood be arrested and/or beaten. The leaders of the country whose foremost founding freedom is the right of dissent lumps everyone not 100% in agreement with them as terrorists, for whom he reserves the right to torture, backed by a 65 to 34 vote in the senate which also exonerates the administration of all war crimes and abolishes habeas corpus in cases of anyone leaving the nation of their citizenship. The principle of checks and balances for which the United States has so long been justifiably proud has now shown that in practice it has become a ideologically fused bludgeon using democracy, Christianity and the flag as fronts to legitimize its self-righteous, imperial disregard for international consequences so long as its industry profits.
I refer you to this page for a detailed definition of fascism and the facts on record by this latest administration on an agenda that must have been in play for much longer than mere modern times.


Zatikia said...

America has come a long way from what the world once looked up to them for. It is good to see some of those in America can see the truths of what it has come to now.

Pisces Iscariot said...

"Alone, we stand. Together, we lean."
I like that, reminds me of another from The Thievery Corporation : 'Divided we stand, united we fall' - bleak but clever.
Excellent piece Todd - great analogy with the croc skin purse..

gregrandgar said...

yeah, that purse bit just wrote itself once I remembered, when I was a kid in Florida having seen Ross Allen put a giant alligator fast asleep by rubbing its belly. But he had to fight like hell to get it on its back, I think the fight is gone from the US citizenry and now we're just looking for strokes from the trainer and coughing up the money.

littlebitofsonshine said...

when the labor unions stoped and the FDA looked away i think it all went away!!!!
Guess the new pills and stuff in the water helps .Be safe walk in peace allways "HEALING NOT killing"