Thursday, September 14, 2006


"To be is to do." — Buddha
"To do is to be" — Des Cartes
"Shoo be do be do" — Frank Sinatra

Facts are stacked by education
In some there-then, when-if preparation
For what to do in a where-when situation
Occurring amidst the ever obvious answer of here now.
Time surfing tourists get lost in rural here now;
"It's off the road, not in my plans,
If I don't keep peddling, I'll fall over.
What was it they told me…?"

Going nowhen.
Growing everwhere aware of
Drops' returned to the sea of seeing
By the gravity of calm curiosity;
The wisdom of just being.
You can help them get their car out of the "rut"
And back on the fast track
In a place and time that'll haunt 'em forever.


Zatikia said...

How few know the wisdom of just being, most are stuck in the rut of nowhere and don´t want help.

Pocho said...


Anonymous said...

Their ignorance is yours. They are an extension of you, that mob who don't know the wisdom of just being, are stuck in the rut of nowhere, and don't want help. So what are you going to DO about it? How will you help them? Where do you end and they begin? Is your love and sorrow big enough?

gregrandgar said...

The mob knows nothing. The they I speak of is not a mob, but many individuals unaware of truly, fully free thought, each always able to relate to what I say as well as you. My connection to anyone else is our genetic capacity to awaken from the isolation of the mainstream dream. Speaking or thinking of individuals as mobs is the reverse of the legality of corporations to be considered individuals, both destructive of individual human potential. Haven't there been enough revolutions by the masses that merely changed the safety pins and left the shitty diaper on the mob's ass? Free thinkers are their own solution to oppression. The willingness to inspire sleeping minds is not necessarily volunteering to lead a mob in revolution, although, except for Buddhists, it would seem to follow as evidenced with all the evangelism that seems to come as part of someones notion of a good idea. Minahana is learning to be responsible for oneself. Mahayana is those who have learned Minahana at their own oars propelling the big boat, the common good, the living example of the golden rule. This time and place for individuals to awaken to the potential in here and now, so totally wasted in a life of there then. Revolution is just changing the there then for everyone, but here now always awaits the revelation of individuals. It can even be found over there then.

mullet said...

define the rut again

gregrandgar said...

the "rut" is those times when someone, whose life is totally dedicated to going from the bank of their birth to the bank of their death with the most expeditious method of negotiating the series of stepping stone across the river of their life, finds themselves just standing on one of the stepping stones gazing at all the slacker, skinny-dippers frolicking in the water they never had time to notice before.
I know that is not a rut in the peddled-bike-may-get-stuck-in-off-the-fast-lane sense, but it means the same. Just extrapolate;

gregrandgar said...

The haunting is looking up from their dry pile of paperwork in their corporate cubical, loosening their tie and nostalgically recalling the cool water on bare skin in a time and place they believe it is impossible to move to.

Anonymous said...

It becomes something that needs to be practiced, like (or with the aid of) meditation, when one is not in the habit of just being. Also, when you have many mouths to feed, abandoning the cubicle threatens more than just oneself. Much easier without the mouths to feed, just from a practical perspective... which reminds me of your note on here to your dear daughter, in which you imagined the sail boat, and the chartering of it for income, a way of financing what you love, and a beautiful thought. For many, including myself, the trek to that place first involves getting out of debt without losing the roof over your head and over the heads of those mouths that need feeding. It seems the system is designed to imprison... but much of that is an illusion.