Friday, August 11, 2006


Oh, beckoning yellow skinned pod
At the threshold of your prime;
Losing the last of your green youth;
The onset of brown freckled age
Calls to me,
“Take me now, while what I have
to share can convey to you the greatest favor.”
Stripping away so willingly from the bunch
Only confirms our mutual attraction.
Shiny yellow skin, a mere dress,
Flays flaccidly from virgin shoulders
Pale, fuzzy flesh first encounters the light of day
Exposed and oh, so vulnerable
The fruit awaits the consummation of the act
Standing erect, arching, aching
No need for fancy foreplay.
The touch so smooth and yielding
Yet thick and sensual
I am minded most of watching primates
Eat the same tongue-mashing way
Like food was supposed to be played with.
And so I do.
Massaging more than digestibility requires
For the flavor that flows sweeter than ever
Remembered at every caress.
Sliding down my throat so easily and too soon
I think to flirt with its companions.


asenath said...

Blushing bananas!

gregrandgar said...

Yeah, you can smell it.

asenath & mark said...

dangitall! where's the blogs man? i hope you haven't given up on reaching your tenderills out into our cyborg humus. reading your blog is the closest thing I got to sitting in your wee island o' paradise and soaking up the goodvibes. grow on, man, grow on!