Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Understanding — so long my quest,
I’ve found you to be the most profound of myths.
The emperor’s new clothes are
But burlap to your silk.
So sought so avidly,
Your mere appearance was your fact:
Another nods and I know they know;
I put together my version of other’s words
And know I know.
Best wishes fill in for insufficiency
So that I can go ahead
Believing I understand.
And it was good,
Until just now…

I understand nothing.
To think I do is to take a stitch
To better ornament
Yet another opinionated conclusion
In a finer more heartfelt uniform quilt disguise
To better fool the romantic fool I am
That I'm not going into battle.
It is not my curiosity that demands I make a (under)stand.
The process by which I recognize what I observe
Is one of habitual, conditioned reporting
Requiring language to justify itself.
The final tautology.
The emperor’s underware.

So, naked am I now;
I’m free to use words for fun
And coincidental beauty,
No longer burdened by
Being understood
Or by understanding
I’m free to hear words
In the context of the speaker
Unfiltered and undistracted by my theories
Of what needs to be listened to.
Curiosity unleashed from rationale
Perceives the essence of the variations
Without need for grounding
In the stasis of taking any side.
Understanding must always have a point,
Enlightenment is neutral and free to grow.

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Anonymous said...

That cat [both of them] inspires some good poetry. That is happy-making!