Saturday, July 01, 2006


Disclaimer Alert: of the first two comments these entries have received, the first was an agreement and encouragement, the second attacked from the other end of the reality tunnel with criticism of my certainty when it opposed his. As I should have done earlier, I am now doing … paraphrasing Bokkonon in the first page of his Book, “Nothing in this blog is the truth” or Magritte on his painting of a pipe, “This is not a pipe.” The closest I expect any words to come to expressing truth occurs in sublime, poetic metaphors that waft across it like the sheerest of the layers of Maya’s silk veils. If any such caressing goes on around here it will be a blessing on this free wheeling blog. If I am mistaken for one who is certain it can only be that one of my metaphors has gored someone’s sacred cow which their objection to its use confirms.
The comments to which I refer were synchronistically both addressed to the only political blog in the bunch … go figure.

And now I’d like to show how, like too many of mankind’s experiments with and attempts to improve on nature, they come around and bite him in the ass. In this instance I am talking about a disease medicine didn’t identify until 1906 when an Australian pediatrician coined the word, allergy. It is now responsible for a multibillion dollar industry that only relieves the symptoms and wouldn’t dare kill the guilded goose. There’s a reason allergies got a name at the turn of the last century other than science’s penchant for confusing naming with knowledge and that was because they’d never existed before. When the industrial age gave a boost to long distance transportation our food began to become a product of locations other than our own local ecosystem. City dwellers were the first victims as sprawl moved agriculture further and further away and people got so busy and so crowded a garden was out of the question in time and space. To this day nursing mothers are shooed from the public eye. If, as is happening in some nature conscientious schools of thought about child rearing, the mother knows that from the beginning of development of the egg to the weaning of the child its defense against allergies is as strong as the portion of her diet derived from locally grown foods. Sadly, parents have less rigorous principles of nutrition in the face of whining for junk food. Gerber may give your baby bananas — grown in Hawaii! So, what’s my big deal about eating home grown besides the activity of growing and the unmatchable flavor? Simple. Allergies are your reaction to the environment you live in. If you nourish yourself with food undergoing the same biological conditions in its life as you are in your life it tends to be more symbiotic and less antagonistic to your system. Of course the pharmaceutical companies can’t cure this problem, but they sure depend on their addicts not starting a garden.
After being granted, “Do as thou wilt, that is the whole of the law,” we must still ask ourselves “Because I can, should I?” Not because some boogieman vengeful wrath dispensing lawyer examiner god will get you if you guess wrong but because something as subtly connected to our well being as eating home grown can be overlooked in the rush to haute cuisine, or something as subtly connected to our respiratory dysfunctions as fossil fuel emissions can be overlooked in mindless habit of using auto-prosthetics to expedite the rush.
And on and on. Subtle but very real connections.

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