Friday, June 23, 2006


During the last thirty years I've noticed the increasing habit of politicians' calling the United States "America" and shunting all other nations in North and South America to some hyphinated subclassification; Mexican-American, Canadian-American, Latin American (even Afro-American to clarify the white bread soul of the ancestors of the American revolution). Considering the recent political trend toward putting Texas-Americans in Washington perhaps citizens of the 50 states should be referred to as United Stetsons. The trend of United States' businesses' relocating industry to third world sweatshops recalls a t-shirt I distributed in the seventies to protest Viet Nam, "U.S. out of North America." In the era of the stolen presidency, the United States isn't even United (its red or blue) or States as the Constitution is violated from free speech to states' rights. The hubris of calling the the U.S. "America" to the exclusion of the rest of the hemisphere is a speech pattern any psychiatrist would term megalomania.


doctor chip said...

WOOO-HOOOO! very nice!

good post. thanks!



Anonymous said...

"In the era of the stolen Presidency..." still on that old saw?

How can you be certain of that? Wouldn't looking down your reality tunnel from the other end reveal that had Mr. Gore won, you could allege the same, with him as thief?

How about your certainty that businesses move to third world sweatshops. Isn't one man's sweatshop another's means to feed his family? All depends on which end of your tunnel you look down.

gregrandgar said...

I do believe anonymous mouse just made my point about reality tunnels … can't argue with that.
But he also brought up something that hadn't occurred to me before: The increase of disparity between the top and the bottom of the food chain with the emmigration of US exploitation to third world countries—isn't that the definition of increasing poverty while preaching a program of increased standard of living. We may set them on the pedestal of an indoor toilet but they never had to work so hard to afford to take a shit.